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INNOVATION: A cannabis consumption device that is functional and modular without sacrificing its coolness.

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Truth be told, there is a lot of cannabis hardware to choose from when it comes to flower consumption.

All are backed by big marketing budgets looking to woo users with varying claims of education, but the stickiness generally lacking, most users don’t want to babysit consumption (input data of use) and end up not utilizing hardware to its full potential. 

Enter the Maze-X: Weedgets‘ latest innovation in smoking technology. Despite its simplicity, the 100% functional modular pipe offers a searing heat of 1300°F at the bowl’s burn point to a mere 120°F at the point of inhalation to ensure a smoother, cooler smoking experience. Unlike typical pipes, which often release smoke at temperatures around 250°F, the Maze-X offers an exit temperature of just 120°F, minimizing harshness and maximizing enjoyment.

Made with intention, the Maze-X was designed with medical users in mind to help fix the biggest concern among smokers (both medical and recreational): help combat the cough. How did they plan to do that? To combat the cough, one must understand why the cough is happening, which lies in the combustion and excessive heat being inhaled. 

Coughing is a natural human defense mechanism. We cough when our lungs intake heat that is above what we are capable of handling, the Maze-X has two filters built-in, which automatically cool down the heat in real time, thus dropping the temperature from a staggering 240 degrees Fahrenheit to a more approachable 120 degrees (think room temperature Starbucks).

Doing so changes the entire consumption experience: considerably fewer coughing fits, a cooler throat, and no more cherry particles on your lips and in your mouth – the filters capture and cool to ensure what you take in is clean, and safe. 

Its modularity is another big stand-out feature of the hardware, as you’re not struggling to clean the stem or chamber after use. Every single part of the pipe comes apart pretty easily for cleaning, travel, and/or storage. We found this particularly useful during a smoke session with friends as it was super easy to swap steps when a friend wanted to smoke their flower versus ours.

We’ve been hands-on with our own Maze-X for the last few weeks and can honestly say it comes with us everywhere. 

Buy your own Maze-X via Weedgets


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