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Top 10 Los Angeles Weed Brands Making Noise in 2024

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This blog post isn’t just about the latest trends. We’re setting out to identify the cult favorites, the brands that have captured the hearts (and taste buds) of LA cannabis consumers.

We’ll be looking at weed companies with the biggest fan bases, proven by strong customer reviews and consistent buzz. And to keep things local, we’ll focus specifically on brands that have made their mark within the city of Los Angeles.

California continues to collect substantial cannabis tax revenue, with the fourth quarter of 2023 bringing in nearly $270 million. This revenue reflects the state’s new vendor compensation program. Despite a slight decrease from the previous two quarters, the collected taxes represent a 7.4% increase from the same period in 2022. Since January 2018, California has amassed nearly $5.74 billion in cannabis tax revenue.

  • First quarter: Approximately $243.4 million, with $128.8 million from cannabis excise tax and $114.6 million from sales tax.
  • Second quarter: Roughly $276.2 million, with $157.5 million from the cannabis excise tax and $118.8 million in sales tax.
  • Third quarter: Nearly $269.3 million, including $156.9 million from the excise tax and $112.4 million from sales tax.
  • Fourth quarter: Close to $270 million, with $156.5 million coming from the excise tax and $111.8 million from sales tax.

Below is a list of the most popular cannabis brands contributing to the sales generated in Los Angeles.

10. Kush Company

Kush Company, a renowned cultivation company based in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California, dedicates itself to growing top-shelf cannabis flower. Their founder’s decades-long passion for achieving the best possible high has resulted in award-winning strains with a loyal customer base.

Award-Winning StrainsKush Company prides itself on exceptional flower, with two standout strains:

  • Kush Co OG: This classic OG Kush boasts a distinct pine and lemon scent, offering an initial sativa buzz followed by relaxing indica effects.
  • Sour Power OG: A hybrid flower bred by Karma Genetics, it features an earthy, woody fragrance and a deep indica high.

9. West Coast Cure

West Coast Cure is a cannabis company built on a legacy of loyalty, quality, and innovation. Founded by nonconformists who have been dedicated to cannabis since the prohibition days, they have spent decades perfecting their craft, hunting for the gassiest strains, and fostering relationships with top cultivators and wax artists.

Awards and Recognition

Their hard work and dedication were recognized when they won the first NorCal Cannabis Cup for Concentrates in 2012, a milestone that solidified their brand’s vision and reputation.

Premium Quality Products

West Coast Cure embodies the OG lifestyle with top-shelf cannabis products. Their carefully sourced flower is known for its sticky texture, rich terpenes, and potent effects.

Fresh Drop Badge

West Coast Cure understands that freshness matters. That’s why they introduced the Fresh Drop badge, clearly indicating the most recent delivery date. This dedication to quality and great customer service has earned them a devoted following among cannabis connoisseurs.

The West Coast Cure Difference

What sets West Coast Cure apart is their unwavering dedication to quality, their legacy of innovation, and their refusal to compromise on their values. They aren’t new to the game; they’re the OGs who have been perfecting their craft for decades. With West Coast Cure, you can trust that you’re getting the best.

8. The Standard Cannabis 

The Standard Cannabis Co. is a locally-based brand in Los Angeles, dedicated to setting the bar for exceptional cannabis products. As a progressive and trend-setting city, LA deserves only the best, and that’s exactly what The Standard Cannabis Co. aims to deliver.

Commitment to Quality

The Standard Cannabis Co. takes pride in the quality of their products, carefully selecting strains and expertly crafting edibles to meet their high standards. Their team of experienced cultivators and extractors utilize the latest technology and techniques to produce cannabis products that are unmatched in potency and purity.

Elevating Your Experience

The Standard Cannabis Co. believes in creating products that enhance your lifestyle, whether you’re seeking relaxation, creativity, or inspiration. With a range of products to choose from, you’ll find the perfect fit to elevate your experience.

7. The Cure Company

The Cure Company has had the privilege of working with cannabis legends like Snoop Dogg and the late Nipsey Hussle, honoring Nipsey’s legacy with the Marathon OG strain.

Commitment to Top Shelf Quality

  • Premium Cultivators: Meticulous cultivation practices and a focus on top-shelf, indoor flower have earned The Cure Company a reputation for excellence.
  • Strain Diversity: Offering a wide range of highly-rated strains, from classic favorites to unique and exotic cultivars, catering to diverse tastes.
  • Beyond Flower: Expanding their product line to include concentrates, pre-rolls, and edibles, showcasing their commitment to innovation.

Innovation and Community Outreach

  • Trendsetters: Continuously experimenting with new breeding techniques and extraction methods, pushing the boundaries of cannabis innovation.
  • Partnerships: Collaborating with respected brands like GRAV for limited-edition products, such as glass pre-rolls, and fostering a spirit of community.
  • Community Focus: They champion social equity and uplift their community, working towards a more just cannabis industry.

The Cure Company’s dedication to quality, innovation, and community outreach has solidified their position as a leader in the cannabis industry.

6. Teds Budz Distribution Co.: A Family-Run Cannabis Distributor 

Teds Budz is a small, family-run cannabis distribution company operating in California’s legal market. They specialize in high-quality, small-batch cannabis products and prioritize strong relationships with grassroots cultivators.

Mission Statement

Teds Budz is committed to:

  • Authentic Products: Supplying legitimate products with trustworthy origins
  • Quality Partnerships: Partnering with skilled, experienced growers in the “exotic weed” market
  • Customer Trust: Building a strong reputation through reliability and integrity

Core Values

  • Premium Quality: Distributing only products they would personally use, ensuring exceptional experiences for customers
  • Grassroots Support: Valuing and empowering smaller, independent growers
  • Customer Focus: Listening to clients’ needs and preferences, positioning themselves as trustworthy distributors

Additional Insights

  • Industry Recognition: Featured in LA Weekly for prioritizing industry knowledge, grower relationships, and client satisfaction
  • Licensing: Legally regulated cannabis distributor in California

5. Alien Labs: Pioneers in Cannabis Innovation

Alien Labs, a Northern California-based company, has made a lasting impact in the cannabis industry with its exceptional products and award-winning strains. Their commitment to innovation and quality earned them top honors, including the 2018 Sacramento Cannabis Cup (flower products).

A Unique Approach to Cannabis

Alien Labs combines skate culture, nerdom, and a passion for connoisseur-level cannabis to create distinctive and high-quality products. Their product range includes:

  • Exotic Cannabis Strains: Unique terpene profiles and effects, such as Area 41, Baklava, and Biskanté
  • Concentrates: Innovative products like the Melonade AIO disposable vape, praised for flavor and potency
  • Cartridges: Convenient and flavorful options for on-the-go consumption
  • More: A variety of products catering to both recreational users and cannabis connoisseurs

Standout Strains

  • Baklava: A relaxing hybrid strain with a flavor profile featuring berries and citrus
  • Biskanté: A sativa-leaning hybrid with a sweet, lemony aroma and focus-enhancing effects

Innovative Products for Every Consumer

Alien Labs’ product lineup caters to diverse cannabis consumers, offering a range of consumption options to suit individual preferences. Whether you’re a recreational user or a cannabis connoisseur, Alien Labs has something for everyone.

4. Stiiizy: The LA-Based Cannabis Company Revolutionizing the Industry

Stiiizy, a Los Angeles-based cannabis company, has made a significant impact in the industry with its diverse range of products and widespread availability. Founded in the city of angels, Stiiizy embodies the LA spirit of innovation and creativity, reflecting it in their products and services.

Product Variety

Stiiizy offers an impressive array of cannabis products, catering to diverse consumer preferences:

  • Cannabis: Premium indoor-grown strains, including classics and new favorites
  • Concentrates: High-quality extracts, such as wax, shatter, and sauce
  • Vapes: Portable and disposable vape pens, cartridges, and batteries
  • Edibles: Delicious and potent infused treats, like gummies and chocolates
  • Topicals: Soothing creams and balms for localized relief


Stiiizy products are widely available in:

  • Dispensaries: Find Stiiizy products in licensed dispensaries throughout California and beyond
  • Delivery Services: Get Stiiizy products delivered to your doorstep through various delivery services
  • Stiiizy Stores: Visit one of their own retail locations for a comprehensive shopping experience

Stiiizy’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made them a household name in the cannabis industry. With their extensive product range and widespread availability, Stiiizy continues to revolutionize the cannabis landscape.

3. Lusty: The House Brand That Roars at The LAX CC

LAX CC’s house brand, Lusty, isn’t your average cannabis companion. Imagine a selection of hand-picked, lab-tested strains boasting a potency range that’ll satisfy both veterans and novices. We’re talking flowers bursting with trichomes, offering THC levels that roar from the high 20s all the way up to a mighty 35%.

A Strain Menagerie for Every Desire

Lusty isn’t just about power, it’s about variety. They cultivate a plethora of popular cannabis strains, each offering its unique flavor profile and effect. From the uplifting euphoria of Sativas to the deeply relaxing Indica experiences, Lusty curates a collection to suit every mood and desire.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

LAX CC goes beyond top shelf cannabis in LA. If you’re looking for a quick and convenient option, Lusty prerolls are expertly crafted with their premium bud, ready for you to enjoy on the go.

2. Maven Genetics

Introducing Maven Genetics: California’s Premier Cannabis Brand

With roots dating back to 1998, Maven Genetics is a California-based cannabis brand renowned for its premium, exotic indoor cannabis strains. Their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and terpene-rich genetics sets them apart in the industry.

A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Maven Genetics’ approach to cannabis cultivation is often likened to fine winemaking, emphasizing the importance of terroir and unique characteristics. They meticulously breed and cultivate their strains to achieve exceptional quality, and their innovative spirit has led to groundbreaking creations like California’s first single-strain, live resin cannabis-infused beverage.

What Sets Maven Genetics Apart

  • Terpene-Rich Strains: Maven Genetics prioritizes developing strains with complex and rich terpene profiles, ensuring a unique experience with every strain.
  • Small-Batch Cultivation: They favor carefully controlled, small-batch cultivation methods over mass production, maintaining high levels of quality and consistency.
  • Exotic Genetics: Maven Genetics boasts a collection of rare and sought-after cannabis strains, both classic and newly bred, offering a diverse range of options for cannabis connoisseurs.

With a focus on quality, innovation, and terpene-rich genetics, Maven Genetics has established itself as a leader in the cannabis industry, offering a premium experience for those seeking the best.

1. Jungle Boys: Indoor Top Shelf Exotics

Jungle Boys is a group of dedicated cannabis cultivators united by a shared mission to grow clean and potent cannabis. Through their innovative approach to pheno-hunting, they have discovered a wide range of unique and exciting strains, with over 500 rare cultivars in their genetics library and new seeds emerging daily. This commitment to excellence has attracted cannabis connoisseurs from around the world to their California retail stores and has enabled them to make a name for themselves in Florida’s medical market.

What Sets Them Apart:

  • Innovative approach to pheno-hunting
  • Over 500 rare cultivars in their genetics library
  • Hand-selected flower and single-source concentrates
  • Dedicated to producing the highest quality cannabis possible
  • Inspiring the next generation of cannabis cultivators

Their Story:

Jungle Boys began as a humble collective of passionate cultivators and has exploded into a powerhouse of the cannabis industry. Despite their rapid growth, they remain steadfast in their commitment to quality, innovation, and dedication. With new dispensaries opening in Florida, their influence continues to spread while staying true to their roots.

Their Goal:

Jungle Boys’ ultimate goal is to perfect the process of growing clean and potent cannabis, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible. They strive to inspire others to do the same, fostering a community of like-minded cultivators who share their passion for excellence. Welcome to the jungle, where the pursuit of quality and innovation thrives.


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