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The Advantages Of The Most Popular Cannabis Consumption Methods

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Even as more individuals come to terms with the concept of consuming marijuana for medicinal or entertainment activities, one of the problems that new users encounter is determining the best way of cannabis consumption. Their issue stems from the fact that most of them are only accustomed to rolling and smoking. Sadly, smoking cannabis has long been disapproved by many societies.

Not only that, smoking can severely damage your lungs and may cause other health issues.  As a result, few individuals are enthusiastic about smoking cannabis, no matter how desperately they require it, particularly for medical purposes. This leads to a typical question among such new consumers: what alternative consuming methods are available? Cannabis may now be consumed in a variety of ways. All of them have advantages and disadvantages. However, some methods are preferable to others.  Furthermore, the method of intake can determine the type and durability of the cannabis effects. These are the most popular cannabis consumption methods and their advantages.

1. Smoking:

Smoking is the simplest method of consuming cannabis and it’s the most common one. You grind your cannabis, roll it in papers, and light up. For smoking, you can have a joint or a blunt and both are similar only with slight differences such as a blunt is bigger and rolled in cigar paper. The advantage of smoking cannabis is quickly preparing a blunt or a joint. It doesn’t take much time to prepare a joint and smoke it. Another advantage of smoking blunts or joints is that it can be shareable. You can smoke with your friends and enjoy an interesting conversation while passing on the joint to one another. Finally, when it comes to smoking, the best way to do it so by using a bong, as it cools and filters the smoke making it easier on your lungs. Bongs come in all shapes and sizes, some bongs more distinctive than others, and you can even make your own bong at home. 

2. Vaping:

If you want to inhale cannabis smoke, you can convert it to vaping. This method of consumption involves burning dried cannabis flowers. A vape will burn your cannabis slowly at a low temperature which will make it last longer. A good cannabis vape can be adjusted to an optimal heating temperature just to break down the properties of cannabis. You will enjoy Vaping for its non-harsh smoke. This is not a joint that can be quickly devoured by oxygen, the Vape will cost you less cannabis. adding to this, vaping has no undesired odor. You can smoke anywhere and no one of your friends would disapprove of the smell. Don’t forget that vapes are used by many, so you won’t find a problem smoking in a public place. The freedom of portability is something that you enjoy when you have a vape. Don’t forget that health-conscious cannabis consumers prefer using a vaporizer and it is obvious why.

3. Dabbing:

A dab is a marijuana concentration made of THC, marijuana extract, and other cannabinoids. This is the most recent form of vaping, and it requires warming a dab on a hot surface. The fumes of the dab vaporizer and your cannabis will be held in a spherical glass until you inhale them. Dabbing lets you enjoy high quantities of THC. Dabbing is less expensive than other methods of consumption and it provides immediate results, making it ideal for emergency treatments or acute illnesses. It is also the greatest option for customers who demand strong THC dosages.

4. Edibles:

Marijuana foods, like drinks, have a different impact than smoking or vaping. In recent years, culinary science including cannabis edibles has progressed, making it feasible to discover a wide range of delectable sweets on the market. It’s harder to identify that some of these edibles include cannabis. Marijuana may be found in a variety of foodstuffs, including lollipops, ice cream, biscuits, gummies, crackers, chocolate bars, popcorn, and chewing gums.

Edibles are proven to have a longer effect than other methods of consumption. You can also track and know the exact dosage of THC or CBD in edibles. Thus, you can consume cannabis based on your preferences. Don’t forget that they are tasty!

5. Tinctures:

Tinctures are made b soaking cannabis in alcohol. They should be taken under the tongue where your blood vessels can absorb them. To maximize the impact, place some drops beneath your tongue and leave them for a few minutes. In addition, you can place the remaining drops of your dosage in your best drink and allow your digestive system to do its magic with cannabis. Tinctures usually have quick and strong effects and you can take them anywhere you go. You can also determine the exact dosage that fits your needs when consuming tinctures.


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