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Ambassador CBD: a Growing Player in the Premium CBD World

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The CBD industry has been growing alongside the legalization of cannabis and cannabis derived products in many parts of the world. Even before being legal, the health benefits of CBD plants were known to the world and thousands of people became engaged in use with pure CBD oil products.

Owing popularity to the numerous potential health and wellness benefits, the hemp plant is  used in many forms: oils, topicals, vapes, gummies, etc. One of the most unique brands in this regard is Ambassador CBD which is renowned for its pure, authentic, and highly effective premium CBD imports from Colombia and Jamaica.

Owner and CEO of American Fiber Company, James Brobyn, is growing his cannabis company by bringing a new level of commitment to authenticity by importing and selling pure CBD-based products grown near the equator under the Ambassador CBD brand. The company offers a variety of pure CBD tinctures with differing levels of potency so that there’s something for everyone.

Being associated with the cannabis industry since 2016, Brobyn has gained much insight into the needs of this rapidly emerging and still new industry. He noticed the sharp rise in demand for authentic products that could potentially offer holistic supplementation to common physical health and wellness issues. Seeing these benefits, Brobyn decided to launch the Ambassador CBD product line in 2021.

How It Began

James served in the US Marine Corps for thirteen years and has personally seen his colleagues being injured and emotionally affected due to the challenging training and deployment situations. It is suggested that CBD oils have promise alongside traditional medical protocols that are common for the treatment of chronic pain, inflammation, and other wellness purposes. He often observed his fellow veterans finding advantages in CBD oil use. This first-hand experience of seeing the positive reception towards CBD by other veterans within the  community motivated him to get involved with the industry. This became the driving factor in launching the Ambassador CBD line of products.

Growth of Ambassador CBD

The brand is based in Delaware with operations in Michigan, Missouri, Delaware and other areas.

Their premium imports are from the rich soils of Colombia and Jamaica that are known for the high-quality growing environments of Sativa L plants. Colombia and Jamaica boast some of the best soil for growing hemp. According to Brobyn, “the climate in the regions near the equator offer ample rain and sufficient humidity to provide the best environment for ensuring the growth of high quality hemp plants.”

Future Plans

The Ambassador CBD brand has established loyalty and trust with customers looking to buy premium pure CBD oil. The company now plans to further expand its range of products with a variety of consumption methods that satisfy the many differing needs of customers. Ambassador creates educational content and spreads positive awareness regarding the use and potential benefits of CBD products in efforts to remove the stigma often associated with cannabis.

Ambassador CBD offers premium CBD products from multiple regions in Colombia and Jamaica, and several of their products are USDA certified Organic. It has been important for Ambassador to offer premium products at an affordable price to keep them accessible to as many people as possible. The website hosts the online shop where visitors can easily find the most suitable CBD oil for them via easy to understand product descriptions and a quick quiz to help guide first time purchasers.



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