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Step Into The Future With The Gray Vandium Card Wallet

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The Wallet of the Future

The Gray Vandium card wallet, inspired by the future, is the only wallet you will ever need.
Precision engineered by machining tools made by Gray artisans, this wallet was designed with
your Apple card in mind. With only limited quantities and editions available, this luxury item
will only be in reach for a few. If exclusivity and prestige are on your shopping checklist, read
ahead for the details on this sleek, futuristic wallet. Gray attests they have reached perfection in
this card wallet where ‘there is nothing left to add, and nothing left to take away.’
As the world unrelentingly heads towards a cashless society, Gray has created the Vandium card wallet. Made with intention, the Vandium strips down your wallet to its most essential and
minimal form made for tomorrow’s world. The Vandium card wallet promises to excite your
senses with each of its magnificent angles. The Gray Vandium features bold architectural lines
that break the wallet’s profile to create a desirable angular look. The mechanically textured
surface is inspired by the aerodynamic shape of hypersonic planes. Gray uses aerospace-grade
titanium external plates and carbon fibre internal plates to create the most futuristic wallet out
there. The machine tools that form the Vandium mechanically texture the surface, leaving a
tactile sensation that takes it to another level of style. The titanium and carbon fibre combination
make this wallet impossibly light and indefinitely durable. Craftmanship and futuristic materials
make this wallet choice absolutely rebellious.

The Vandium card wallet from Gray is designed to meet every possible need, now and in the
future. The Vandium card wallet has two outer titanium shells. The elastic band between the
outer shells of the wallet is flexible enough to fit anywhere from 1 to 15 cards, giving you the
ultimate freedom in deciding how many you want to carry. The elastic band retains the wallet’s
slim factor, no matter how many cards you put in it. The elastic band also ensures the wallet is as thin as possible, comfortable enough even to put in your front pocket. The Vandium has two big cut-outs on both shells for easy access to your two most used cards, all it takes is a swipe of your thumb. The outer shells Titanium metal is also known to guard against electromagnetic signals. Therefore the Vandium card wallet is RFID blocking, allowing you to feel assured that your card information is protected from electronic pickpockets. The Vandium comes in five different coating variants, including titanium, stealth, sonic blue, gold, and aurora. The shell can also be engraved to add a personalized touch for yourself or a thoughtful gift.

Your Gray Vandium unboxing experience includes a stainless steel screwdriver and care
instruction manual. Personalized engraving and special coating are available but may increase
shipping time. On the website, you can see how many of the limited edition variants will be
shipped worldwide. Prices increase with exclusiveness. You can order yours at a premium from
the Gray Vandium website. This elite purchase will take you
into the future of wallet design that is far from the ordinary.


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