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Dogecoin and Solana Traders Suffer Massive Losses Due to $400 Million Crypto Liquidations

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As per the US Federal Reserve, the future traders of cryptos lost around $400 million this Wednesday due to a fall in cryptocurrencies below the minimum support levels. The recent years have already been witnessing two such losses, this being the third-highest loss of liquidation in cryptos. The losses proceeded like this, several billion dollars on January 21 and $470 million on January 22, followed by what we are facing today. The bitcoin value has also seen a drop from $47000 to $42500 simultaneously.

Not only Bitcoin, but future tracking of Solana’s and Dogecoin prices has also confronted a generous loss, a combined $40 million liquidation losses, which is considered the biggest loss among cryptocurrencies. Wednesday’s stats were the third-highest in the consecutive year’s losses. Liquidations result from a trader’s leveraged position forcibly canceled in exchange for some safety measures in the trader’s activity of initial margin being lost entirely or in segments. These are acts about future trading, which tracks asset prices, opposite spot trading, which includes traders owning the assets. 

The Catalyst for Dogecoin’s Growth

The Futures contracts are tracking Dogecoin’s DOGE and Solana’s SOL, and they have suffered from a hefty liquidation loss together. This is the highest loss suffered by any cryptocurrency other than Ether and Bitcoin. Amid all these tricky situations, Dogecoin’s price saw a little boost due to the appointment of Elon Musk to Twitter’s Board of Directors. This becomes a major catalyst in the growth revival strategy for Dogecoin. Doge and GMT have seen a rise. They have been the week’s top gainers. However, other tokens, precisely GMT of StepN, which is a one-month-old cryptocurrency now based on a project, has been suffering from a loss of $9 million, even being on the outlier list.

Also, StepN has gained some traction recently among traders because of its narrative step-to-step earn structure. According to data extracted from the tracking tool Coinglass, it claims the majority of liquidations happened due to cryptocurrency exchange in Binance, which resulted in a loss of around $133 million. FTX and OKX traders are the ones to have gone through the second-largest losses, with a total of $68 million and $100 million, respectively.

The Volatility of Crypto in the Growing Market

Since November, Bitcoin’s decline in value has erased over $600 billion’s market value. Around $1 trillion has been wiped out from the entire crypto market. Such is the worth of even a single cryptocurrency, and a shift in the market demands and trading can hamper the volatility of the growing market. According to the Bespoke Investment Growth, this drawdown for the Bitcoin’s currency in the market aggregate has undoubtedly affected a massive percentage of the industry. Still, it ascertains the second-largest decline in terms of the dollar.

The analysts say that crypto is quite vulnerable to such selloffs, provided it is naturally more volatile. Still, as the market, these caps have been, it has become pragmatic enough to think in terms of dollar and percentage. To cope with the Bitcoin’s drop and support the Wednesday’s crisis, around 83 percent of the traders were betting on estimated higher prices. Meanwhile, the asset dropped by another 5 percent since then and has now reached a trading amount of $43500.

The co-founder and chief executive of FRNT Financial, Stephane Ouellete, says that cryptos are reaching the same state of dynamics, constantly weighing on universal risk assets. His other considerations are also extended predominantly in the same direction. His statement leaves a powerful notion, symbolizing the crypto state in the world. Other analysts have acclaimed a few  financial and analytical understanding of the new cryptos.

The crypto-centric stocks of much-added value also dropped last Friday, losing approximately 16% and reaching their lowest level when they made their public debut in the spring of 2021. A cryptocurrency information platform and a futures trading account estimates show approximately, 239000 traders with their situations closed for over 24 hours, in the position of liquidation totaling around $874 million. Although liquidations are on a spike, the numbers are conspicuously muted compared to previous declines. 

Crypto has seen a huge rise in finance, but the severe liquidity crisis with DOGE and SOL has peaked in analysis reports. Some steps are taken to overcome the criticality of the situation, and the estimates are dubious.



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