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Kentaro Roy Made Millions in His 20s — And Now He’s Sharing His Formula

Sailun Tires

Kentaro Roy is the kind of guy most pretend to be in their dating profiles. The young entrepreneur is a self-made millionaire; he speaks four languages, is a resident of five countries, rides motorcycles, charters yachts, and sails the Mediterranean. He’s funded scholarships, launched businesses in Europe, and earned enough money to retire in his twenties.

In other words, his life could be confused with a Dos Equis commercial — if “The Most Interesting Man in the World” was just barely 30, that is.

Instead of kicking back and calling it a career, Roy has decided to forgo retirement, charging toward a bigger passion and mission: teach the rest of the world how to build generational wealth.

With his business acumen, history of successful entrepreneurship, investment chops, and keen eye for opportunity, Roy launched the Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast in an effort to peel back the curtain and share the secrets to finding financial freedom and abundance — the way he has at such a young age.

Growing up in a military family, Roy cultivated dynamism early on; with over a dozen moves and attending eight different schools before turning 14, he acclimated to constant change, and learned to thrive. Bouncing between Japan and the US, he picked up new languages and was immersed in different cultures.

That early childhood experience was bolstered by his inherent, natural talent. He was able to hone specific skills, beginning at just five years old. Picking up the violin became not just a hobby or extracurricular for young Roy, but an area to master — and then capitalize on. By his early teen years, he became a violin teacher. This child prodigy energy would give a hint to anyone paying close enough attention: Roy was destined to achieve greatness in a short period of time.

An Agency Is Born

In high school, one job alone wasn’t enough for Roy’s insatiable drive — he wanted to wear more hats, and decided he couldn’t risk staying stagnant or becoming pigeonholed. While most kids his age were busy playing beer pong, he worked as “a violin teacher, a real estate agent, a poker dealer at night, a motorcycle instructor on weekends, and a freelance web designer,” he says.

That high school freelancing snowballed into something even bigger for the ambitious teen. Eventually, Roy’s web-design brainchild grew into an agency, which was moved to Poland in 2013. “My business was always bootstrapped,” says Roy, explaining that he never had any outside funding with his enterprises (the definition of self-made). “Moving the business to Poland ensured we had a better chance at succeeding; we minimized costs while providing a high quality of life for employees.”

After several years of establishing the business in the EU, Roy expanded and added another office — this time in Ukraine — in 2017, citing the “high quality workforce” as the motive behind his choice in location. With his hands in multiple projects at any given time, not only was he able to grow the agency, but his entrepreneurial expertise as well.

Entrepreneur and Benefactor

Roy’s time doing business in the Eastern Bloc has led him to integrate into local culture. He’s picked up Polish and Russian (in addition to his native English and Japanese), purchased a home (a penthouse, of course, in Kyiv), sponsored the Miss Belarus pageant in Minsk, and — most notably — initiated philanthropic efforts supporting children’s hospitals, orphanages, and the elderly in Ukraine and Belarus.

He’s as much a businessman as he is a philanthropist. Think: magnanimous magnate.

“The kids are the most vulnerable,” says Roy of the charities. “Especially in poorer countries, outside the big cities where money and resources are scarce. The elderly are forgotten and neglected; they literally cannot work. I saw two groups of people who needed the most help and didn’t have access to wealth, and knew I had to get involved.”

For Roy, charity work was a non-negotiable. “I was able to find opportunities, experiences, and success in the countries I’ve spent time in; learning the language, assimilating into the culture, and giving back to the communities … that’s all a matter of respect,” he says.

It’s clear that Roy not only has a desire to succeed personally, but to help others do the same even more so. This calling to be a benefactor and give back has driven his career development, well beyond the agency and his work in eastern Europe.

From his origins as a teacher of violin and motorcycling, education — sharing knowledge — has always been at the heart of Roy’s mission. While attending Eastern Michigan University’s school of business (and before eventually dropping out), he even created a scholarship at his alma mater to help young, enterprising students have better access to affordable schooling. 

Next Chapter: Bitcoin and the Future of Wealth

In 2018, Roy sold his agency and moved into the volatile yet exhilarating (and lucrative) worlds of international real estate and investing — specifically with Bitcoin.

“My company was in a healthy place after seven years,” he says of the sale. “I knew that mutual growth had peaked; I had gained all I could as a professional, and the agency had gained all it could from my leadership. It was time for both myself and my business to keep growing, but in new directions.”

And instead of slipping into retirement (and back onto a yacht), Roy’s sights were set on another kind of growth — the most explosive opportunity of this decade. At a point in history when interest in Bitcoin is at an all-time high, education is more important than ever; Roy’s expertise, combined with his drive to help others, led him to create a free educational platform: The Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast

“I’ve been really enjoying hosting discussions on the importance of Bitcoin with anyone who is curious and wants to learn about it,” says Roy. “It’s going to impact every aspect of our lives over the next decade, and I felt called to share what I know so others can get in on ‘the secret formula’ to building generational wealth.” In the podcast, Roy interviews other successful entrepreneurs to discuss business, investing, and, of course, Bitcoin itself.

His goal: lift the veil. “We can’t gatekeep information, especially information like this,” he says. “Transparent, simplified, approachable education is going to be the key to ensuring equitable, widespread access to wealth building.”

“Bitcoin is generational wealth,” he says. “No government can take away your wealth in Bitcoin, and it’s protected from inflation. More people — particularly those who’ve been excluded from these kinds of conversations and opportunities — need to know about this.”

His personal secret formula — outside of business and Bitcoin — currently involves a combination of NAD+ IVs, cryotherapy, weight training, and a carnivore diet (always on the cutting edge). Anything that gives him the energy to keep living life at 100mph. 

As for what else is on the horizon? He’s been a bit more hushed in that regard, but with his track record, it’s only a matter of time before we hear about it.

The first several episodes of Roy’s podcast have just launched, with more dropping in early 2022, and are available for free on all major streaming platforms. You can keep up with his latest ventures at



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