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5 Reasons Why Classic Cars Were Better Than Modern Ones

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Classic car enthusiasts will already know classic automobiles were better than modern cars, for various reasons. But if you have never looked into classic cars much, you may be under the illusion that modern cars are superior.

While there are arguments to be had for the superiority of both classic and modern cars, you surely cannot disagree with the following five reasons that demonstrate how classic automobiles were better.

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1.The Weight and Size of Classic Cars Provided a More Rewarding Driving Experience

As you are sure to know, the weight of a car massively impacts the experience of driving it. A lighter car feels more responsive and agile, which provides a more rewarding driving experience.

Today, manufacturers are always looking at ways to reduce the weight of high-performing cars. But classic cars were typically a lot lighter, and smaller, than modern automobiles, while also being sturdier and more durable.

For example, the weight of a Mini has almost doubled since it came onto the scene in 1959 and the VW Golf’s length has been extended by around 500mm since its inception. Modern cars simply cannot replicate both the sturdiness and lighter weight of the best classic cars.

2.Classic Cars Were Built with the Human Touch

While mass production has certainly improved how many cars can be made and how quickly they can be manufactured, which in turn brings costs down and allows for a greater variety of designs, modern mass-produced cars lack that human touch that makes classic cars feel so special.

Sure, using methods like bending with press brakes to make sheet metal fit as desired has helped to increase the productivity of assembly lines and create high-quality automobiles, but you cannot replicate the feel of a car that has been built by hand.

That is why Rolls Royce, which is considered to be a class above standard cars, still manufactures their cars by hand to this day.

3.Classic Cars Require Lower Maintenance

Owners of classic cars often enjoy doing maintenance work themselves. But with modern cars, it is often not possible for owners to do all servicing and maintenance work by themselves.

The reason is modern cars are packed with electronics and devices, whereas almost every mechanical part of a classic car can be stripped and rebuilt. So, classic cars typically required less maintenance and the maintenance that was carried out was cheaper.

4.Classic Cars Provide a More Human Driving Experience

While many drivers find modern devices like anti-lock brakes, traction control, and stability control to be useful, many other drivers feel like such things get in the way of being able to fully enjoy driving a vehicle.

Classic cars are not loaded with modern technological tools that tell drivers how to drive, which means drivers can enjoy their cars a lot more.

Furthermore, without gadgets to help people drive, the act of driving a classic car makes the driver a much more competent driver.

5.Classic Cars Were More Stylish

Lastly, one of the main reasons why classic cars were better than modern cars is the simple fact that classic cars were more stylish. For instance, compare a modern Corvette with a 1965 Chevrolet Corvette. The latter simply cannot match the stylishness and coolness of the former.

Most modern cars are pretty much indistinguishable from each other, while classic cars had that X-factor design, and were available in more eye-catching colors, which made them stand out and garner the attention of other drivers and passers-by.

Classic cars still draw the crowds more than modern-designed automobiles. When it comes to style, nothing beats classic cars.



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