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The Benefits of Window Tinting

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Window tinting found its way to American made cars around the mid-1940s. Though some cars did not come with window tinting, car buyers would purchase a special spray tint paint for the windows. Unfortunately, the paint would leave the car windows uneven. Thanks to technology window tint film was made available to the public. This film could be applied to the window without the worry of uneven colors on the window. Though window tinting started in the 1940’s its popularity has yet to die down. People today tint their windows for a number of reasons. If you’re near Long Island, NY, make sure to stop by Top Edge Window Tinting to tint your car’s windows.


Reduces glare

Various driving conditions can create a glare in your windshield while driving. This particular glare can make it almost impossible to see through while driving. In the event that you are not able to see the road you may drive off the road or drive into the lane of oncoming traffic. Driving into oncoming traffic or off the road can put your life or the lives of others at risk. Tinting your windows can reduce the glare and allow you to drive more safely.



Protect your interior

Though the interior of your car is on the inside of your vehicle, your car’s interior still has the risk of being damaged. Your interior can repeatedly get beat down by the sun whenever your car is parked in an open area. Your carpets, seats, and dash can become faded. Also, if you have leather seats repeated exposure to the sun can cause the seats to become dry. Dry leather seats over time will crack and become brittle. This will cause your seats look unsightly. Adding window tint to your car can help to block out 99% of UV light.


Protect your health

Like your car’s interior, adding window tint to your vehicle can help to reduce your health risks. The sun is needed in our daily lives, but too much of it can cause skin cancer or even damage our eyes. When we are outside of our home we put on sunscreen and sunglasses to protect ourselves from the sun. While driving, your window tint can act as sunscreen and sunglasses. The tint blocks out the UV rays of the sun and protects us.


In addition to protecting us from the sun, window tint can also protect us during an accident. Colliding with another car can cause your windows to shatter. If you have window tint then the tint of the window can hold together the shattering glass so that it doesn’t fly into your eyes or cut you.



Window tinting can also can deter burglars from breaking into your vehicle. Burglars usually choose which cars they want to break into by looking to see what is inside of them. Window tinting can block an intruder from being able to see what’s inside of your vehicle. If the intruder cannot see inside of the car, then he or she will not be able to determine if the vehicle has an alarm system or valuable things to steal.


Reduce heat

A hot and sunny day can cause the entrance into your car to become painful. The leather seats burn your back and the heat can make it difficult for you to breath. If you have children, then the hot seats and hot air in the car can become unbearable to them. To combat this heat you can install window tinting. Window tinting can help to reduce the heat in the car by 78%. When you reduce the temperature within the car you also reduce the amount of times you need your AC. Limiting your AC unit can help to expand the life of your AC system.


Enhance appearance of car

Many people today flock to body shops to add tint to their vehicle because in their view it upgrades the image of the car. A number of men and women take pride in the vehicles and enjoy the response that they get when they pass by others. Who doesn’t want their car to be the one that a young kid points to and yell “that’s the type of car I want when I get older”.

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand that this will enable you to have security. As you mentioned, this is possible because the tint will block a potential criminal from seeing what is inside your car. I guess I will have this done to the car that I just bought. It is a used car, but it hasn’t been tinted yet which is why it is more affordable.

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