Thinking Of A New Car After Quarantine? These Tips Can Help

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Now isn’t exactly the best time to buy a car. Most of the showrooms have shut down. Those that are open are only really working online, but with no ability to see the car in person it is unlikely many people will part with their cash and make a sale. However, it is the perfect opportunity to plan your next purchase, for when things start to open up again.

You could still be in for a deal too, as when the showrooms open again they may be eager for a sale meaning you can drive a bargain. Before that though you need to decide which car you want and need. This isn’t as easy as you’d think. A lot of people just pick the prettiest or one of the first they see without going into the detail and research which is necessary. These tips can help!

Make Sure You Choose The Right Car For You

There’s no point buying a big people carrier if you’re only ferrying yourself around. Think about what you want properly. Look at your life. Do you go on long distance journeys often, or are you always stuffing the boot full of gear when you play sports on the weekends? These are questions you need to answer to ensure you get the most out of your vehicle. Are you buying for fun? Such as track cars, or drift cars. Or are you buying purely for practicality. These days cars come with all different kinds of functionality too. If you’ll be calling people in your car, make sure the model has bluetooth for hands free calls. Thinking of these little things in advance will make it a lot easier for you.


New Or Used

It isn’t the easiest decision to make. If you go new you get a brand new car no one has had bar you. Yet it’ll likely lose a few thousand as soon as it rolls off the forecourt. If you can live with this then great. If you want to buy second hand, you need to make sure all the paperwork is accounted for. Especially if you’re buying the car in a private sale. You also need to do your research to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal. 


Sort Your Finances Now

Do it now rather than get a nasty surprise down the line. If you’re buying cash, you’ll be alright. But if you want to go for one of the finance options you’ll need to make sure your credit report is in top shape otherwise you run the risk of being declined. Think about what kind of agreement you want to sign up to. Leasing has become quite popular but you’ll never own the car. You might even find it easier to get a loan from the bank and pay cash at the dealership, then pay the bank back overtime. Just look at the interest rates to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Don’t feel like you’re trapped in going for the one the dealership offer you, do your research. 


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