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8 Junk Food Items That You Can Eat Guilt-Free After A Work out

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Eating junk food? It makes you guilty deep inside because of the serious damages junk food causes to your health. Eating burgers and waffles can be a guilty pleasure for many of us. It becomes even more troublesome to control the hunger pangs after an exhaustive session of work out. Surprisingly, junk food isn’t that bad after all; there are some junk food items that can be eaten only after a workout. Given below is the list of those junk items that can be eaten without any guilt after you have completed your workout routine:


So, on the top list it is your favorite: ‘Waffles’. Obviously, it is not a good idea to completely dive yourself into the plate of waffle after every weekend. However, it is perfectly fine to eat this delicious temptation after your work out. Even the performance gets better with the intake of waffles. According to experts, after your work out, the dynamics of food consumption completely changes. It is important for you to take something (even if it is junk) before and after exercise.


Experts suggest that eating 3 or 4 slices of bacon are a pure source of almost 10 grams protein. Protein helps in building up your muscles. Do not forget that while you work out, your muscles go through a lot of trauma especially while weight lifting. Additionally, in such circumstances, nothing can be more helpful than protein to regain your energy. When it comes to bacon, try to go for uncured turkey bacon, to enjoy all protein benefits.


Bagels are not only tasty but at the same time, they are full of carbohydrates. Interestingly, people are afraid of the high consumption of carbohydrates. On the other hand, you need to take a considerable amount of carbohydrates when you are about to do a work out. Undoubtedly, bagels have rich amount of starch, which serves as a fuel for a body when you start doing your work out.


We cannot deny the fact that people take less interest in the consumption of butter just to avoid fat. It is understandable but when it comes to work out, it is necessary to take butter. You need fat after a workout. The best thing is to take butter with bagels, as it will provide you with lots of energy that you are definitely going to need during a workout. Afterwards, the consumption of butter will fight inflammation too.

Chocolate milk:

The myth about chocolate milk is that it is a really heavy intake, and a source of utter calories. Well, research studies have revealed that chocolate milk is helpful during exercise. The reason behind the fact is that your body needs muscles reparation while work out and here chocolate milk is really beneficial. Chocolate milk is a best source of carbohydrates and proteins too. Interesting, it also prepares you for the next work out. According to a study, taking chocolate milk helps in the reduction of muscle damage.

Peanut butter and jelly:

Experts suggest that the ideal ratio of proteins with carbohydrates is 3:1 (which you need during a workout); and that is precisely what peanut butter and jelly delivers to your body. Consuming peanut butter with jelly helps you in the recovery of your muscles and their growth too.

Ice cream:

Ice cream is just not tasty but also beneficial at the same time, particularly after exercise. Experts believe that when you are done with a work out a cold treat will be of great help in order to avoid protein break down. That is also the reason that after a work out there is a temptation to take something cold yet sweet.

Flavored Gelatin:

One of the best intakes after a workout is flavored gelatin. It has less calories and heals the joints of people who do gym or are athletes. This dessert is healthy for your body. You can take it after or before your work out. But remember not to take a high amount of the snack, as the consequences may not be in you favor. Just take the required amount and only in the case when you are completely done with your gym.

Keeping it balanced

The whole point of junk food intake is to keep things balanced. Even if you are going out with friends to a famous steakhouse, you should do enough physical activities to burn the intake of extra delicious food. If you can burn the same number of calories with your work out session, then you can indulge guilt-free in some junk food items. As researchers have emphasized, it may turn out to be good for you.



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