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Reasons Why The World Should Fall In Love With Mezcal

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During the last year a friend of mine who I used to have a weekly card school with has been joining me on a Zoom call, to play casino games online and have a tipple. What we generally do is take it in turns to select the drink, and then rate it based on a number of factors.

This changed to something a little around April time. We were both playing on the聽Casimba聽site, and I had selected a mezcal to try, the first time each of us could remember trying the drink. We loved mezcal so much that our Tuesday game night would feature a mezcal of our choosing, and out with any other choices.

This is a drink which I am surprised is not more famous than it is, and here鈥檚 why.

Enjoyable Drink

Mezcal is from Mexico which of course is also the home of tequila. Now over the years tequila gained fame for the 鈥榮lammer鈥 culture, yet it is a widely held belief that tequila doesn鈥檛 really taste that great. Mezcal is not downed in shots, but rather sipped slowly and enjoyed, it tastes similar to tequila yet much smoother and far more flavorsome.


No Hangover

Naturally you cannot down a liter of mezcal and expect to feel great the next day, it is after all alcoholic. What is great about the drink however is that you can comfortably enjoy one or two glasses and feel almost nothing the following day. This is a very clean spirit which doesn鈥檛 feature heavy doses of sugar, this is what helps you to have a clear head even if you have indulged the evening before.

Low Carb

This is one of the healthiest drinks around and that is because the drink has zero sugar. For a tequila to be called so, it must have at least 51% blue agave, which sadly means that they often do feature this and then the rest is made up of sugar. In the case of mezcal however, it must be 100% agave or it is not allowed to be called mezcal. This is why it is one of the healthiest drinks around.

Richness of Flavor

Scotch whisky is a fascinating drink which changes flavor all of the time, based on age, method and even the water which is used in the distillation process. There are in fact few drinks which have this level of range, yet mezcal is pretty close. Mezcal ranges greatly in flavor based on its age and it production, it also can be left over many years in certain casks to strengthen in flavor. This is why my friend and I have enjoyed the last few months so much, because each sip tastes different depending on which bottle we have decided to imbibe.

Is this a drink which you have tried before? What did you make of it? Let us know in the comments below, and let鈥檚 start a mezcal revolution.


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