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5 Great Gadgets for Him (That Will Secretly Benefit You)

Sailun Tires


  1. BASE CAMP X Straight Razor

Every man enjoys a close shave. From my first shave in my mother’s bathroom to my narrow escape from the Monkey King and his panther assassins in the southern Amazon, I’ve cut it close a few times. Every man likes to cut it close – it’s the man of Swagger that does it in style. Let your man know that he’s a dangerous man of the world with the Swagger of a lion – get him a perfectly crafted Base Camp X Straight Razor.

These beautiful razors are hand-carved and cut in Toronto and made from the finest Tennessee hickory. The HART Steel razor is crafted in Northern Michigan by artisan technicians who hand grind, mark, and sharpen each razor. This is all shipped to you wrapped in a custom rolled pouch made of waxed canvas and oiled leather.

And what do you get out of it? Smooth skin and a man with Swagger.

  1. Cocoon Tree

‘Ever dreamed of nesting in a Tree?’ Ask the makers of Cocoon Tree. I can’t say that I have, but I’m not sure now that I can stop thinking about it.

In humanity’s ongoing effort to become pod-people, we sometimes forget the great outdoors and the full majesty of nature.

Fulfill your man’s dream of being a Swagger Outdoorsman with this beautiful, futuristic spherical camping structure. And what’s in it for you? While he’s hanging out (forgive the pun) in the backyard, you’ll have the house to yourself.

[] – Image from

  1. Philips Avance Airfryer

Yes, you read that correctly. Airfryer.

It fries food with air.

J.R.R Tolkien thought the phrase ‘Cellar Door’ was one of the most beautiful in the English language. To us at Swagger Magazine, it’s Airfryer.

As Philips claims, the secret behind the Airfryer’s great tasting food is its Rapid Air technology – combining rapid and precisely circulating hot air, an optimal temperature profile and unique Starfish design for deliciously crispy food.

Get this for your man, and be prepared for days of fried chicken and crazy concoctions. But hey – at least he’s cooking for you.



  1. Pebble E-Paper Watch

Watches are to men as purses are to women – their allure goes far beyond their functional utility as they increasingly occupy a space reserved for style and status.

The Pebble E-Paper Watch introduces the new generation of Smart Watches. Connected by Bluetooth to your smartphone it can send you a myriad of updates and info, as well as being open for developers to create new apps and notifications. Not only that, but its minimal and sophisticated design would fit perfectly on the wrist of any Swagger man.

So what’s in it for you? He now has no excuse for missing your text.

[] – Image from

  1. Vauni Fireplace

Every man should own a fireplace. How else can he make love to you on his Polar Bearskin rug? The very same Polar Bear he defeated using fishing wire and raw stamina back in ’09, during his Antarctic journey to reclaim the South Pole in the name of Swagger, where the bear, who had erstwhile proven to be a trustworthy companion and gregarious fireside guest, slandered your mother one night in a drunken quarrel over s’mores and the last two fingers of Scotch.

For all he’s done and suffered through, give your man the fireplace he deserves.

Vauni’s flueless ethanol fireplace gives him the perfect modern fireplace where he can sip his favourite liquor and reminisce on the vagaries of life, his adventurous past, and your future together.

It also means his place won’t be so damn cold anymore.



  1. Shot Flask

We shouldn’t really have to say much about this one. It’s so brilliant as to be absurd. Telescopic shot glass and 8oz flask with black bonded leather wrapping, all safely tucked away inside the inner pocket of his dinner jacket. This is the perfect accent for any man of Swagger.

So how does this benefit you? The mere fact that you purchased this for your man means that he will love you forever – just your man, his beautiful shot flask, and you.


Once again we have six instead of 5, but we did it for you! stop complaining and get yourself some presents!



Written by Bram Wigzell


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