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Best Survival Flashlight for the Outdoorsy Gentleman

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If you’re the outdoorsy type, you probably know that the cheap flashlight stashed in your kitchen drawer (possibly from your Boy Scout days) simply won’t do for your adventures. You need something more powerful and something more reliable if you want to explore and enjoy the wonders of mother nature.

You need a tactical or survival flashlight that will not only light your way but might also help you stay alive in threatening situations. Actually, even if you have no plans or camping or hunting anytime soon, a survival flashlight is still probably worth your money.

This indispensable tool can be used in a variety of situations. The best survival flashlights are built to withstand typhoons, earthquakes, and hurricanes. They are typically smaller and better suited for outdoor adventures. If you choose the right brand and model, you can even use your flashlight to beat up a home intruder when the need arises.

Well, a survival flashlight is still primarily a flashlight so you can obviously expect it to provide light when you’re walking through the woods at night or when your car breaks down in the middle of the night. But they have other uses, too. It’s the accessories and other features which make survival flashlights so valuable.

But it’s also where things get tricky.

There are so many survival flashlights in the market and it’s easy to get tricked into buying something with features that aren’t helpful. You have to think of what you really need to get the value of what you pay for. You have to make sure you put your dollars in the right place!

best tactical flashlight

More Than Just A Flashlight

460-Lumens? A seatbelt cutter? An emergency radio? Are these the things you really need?

Not all flashlights are created equal. Here’s a little guide that can help you figure out what to look for when making your purchase.




In most cases, you don’t really need to have the brightest flashlight around. There are even times when having something too bright can pose a risk for you. You just need to have something with a good illumination that won’t blind you. Pick a model with at least 100 to 300 lumens. This is enough to temporarily blind an attacker during dangerous situations. It is also good to pick a model that has different brightness levels that can be easily adjusted according to your needs.

best tactical flashlight


Weaponry Features


A survival or tactical flashlight often has features that can help you in self-defense and survival situations. Specialty brands have cropped up recently. They offer interesting features that make their products unique. The important thing is to figure out what you think will be useful for you. It’s always a good idea to choose a flashlight that you can also use as a weapon. You never know when you’ll need to defend yourself! You might also want to invest in two or more flashlights with different sets of features if you are building an emergency kit for your family.

Size And Weight


It is important to choose a flashlight with a size and weight that is portable enough for you to carry around when you’re on a trek. But it is also important to choose something big enough to have the features you want. You should also check if the model you like convenient to operate and convenient to use. You’d want to be able to turn it on easily in times of disaster. Reliability and durability are important elements, too! Overall, invest in quality. A cheap flashlight might be able to save you money but it might not do its job well when an emergency situation comes.


best tactical flashlight

Power Source


A good flashlight with a useful design is useless if it only has a thirty-minute battery life. Make sure to choose a unit that can provide light for at least two hours or more. Try to pick something with rechargeable and long-lasting batteries. Don’t forget to always add extra batteries when you pack.


Material and Design


While plastic-made flashlights are probably a lot cheaper, it is not the best choice if you want something heavy-duty. For something more durable, it is best to choose something made from rubber or aluminum.




A good flashlight should feel right when you hold it in your hand. You should be able to hold it easily, without worrying if it will slip away when you’re using it as a weapon.

best tactical flashlight

Now Is A Good Time To Prepare

Hey, preparing for the worst is not exactly a bad thing, right?

Having the right flashlight in hand can spell the difference between survival and disaster. You lose nothing by being prepared. So, might as well check out this emergency gear flashlight for tactical escape. It can save your life in emergency situations. Plus, it’s something really cool to have.

What are the features that make it unique? In addition to being a flashlight, it’s also a seatbelt cutter, window breaker, a power bank (yes, a powerbank!) and a car charger. These features will surely come in handy if you encounter an unexpected attack or you need to escape your car. Even the light is designed to help you defend yourself.

You really can’t go wrong with this one, bro. It is made from durable military grade aerometal which makes it the ideal flashlight for hunting, camping, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities. It’s also something great to have for emergency situations at home. This model comes in three colors.

Ready to buy your flashlight?


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