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Is Online Gaming Creating Platforms for New Age Players

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Traditionally, games have been associated with mankind in one way or the other. In the olden days, games were primarily the means of entertainment and recreation pursuits. Over the years, with the advent of the video games, console games accompanied with PC games, the concept of gaming evolved to be more than just a means of recreation. Today, mobile gaming is the next big thing after mobiles itself. It is by far and large rapidly replacing all other gaming platforms while gradually gaining the foothold as the most preferred platform for gaming activities.

Perhaps, until the last decade, online gaming was not as much prevalent in the country as it is today. In the last couple of the years, the mushrooming of many gaming companies is a testimony to the growing acceptance of online gaming platforms. Primarily, it is the digital age of tech-savvy consumers who are responsible for driving the growth of online gaming. Or is it so?

Freedom of choice

One of the key features of online gaming is the availability of colossal game options to play. Unlike before where the types of games were limited, online gaming lets you pick your choice from fun games, strategy games, card games like online rummy games to role-playing games (RPG), etc. More is less for the digital age players. They believe in the abundance of choice. And the most impressive part of this proposition is the availability of these games at the click of a button. Now, with mobile apps, online gaming companies have made their games app available to the new age players who continuously flirt with different genres of games.

Speed drives them

For someone who expects things to happen quickly, detests standing in long queues and prefers to have things at the click of a button, online gaming proves to be the right fitment to this group of people. The speed with which you could download the game and play your favorite games in no time gives online gaming the killer edge. The pace of the gameplay, the incredible ways you could download and enjoy wholesome entertainment just at the click of the button/ icon gets new age gamers to go ga-ga over online gaming. Also, the availability of cheaper smartphones in the market has been instrumental in the growth of new age players.

Fun and forever rewarding

With elements of fun interspersed with mind-blowing challenges makes online gaming the hot favourite of the digital generation. Also, the numerous opportunities to earn rewards, cash prizes and a whole lot of goodies  lead to the massive fan-following of the new age gamers. Today, online gaming is one such avenue on the internet where playing certain games and winning cash prizes in them is considered legal. Games like the indian rummy are not only permissible to play but playing cash games winning eventually equally recognizes as legitimate in the county. This is an important and the most prominent of all the reasons spearheading the growth of new age gamers.


As online gaming progresses from one platform to another, the only constant thing that stays along perhaps grow too regarding their numbers is the group of online gamers. The future would be exciting to watch the growing influence of online games on the new year players.


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