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Best Bomber Jackets for Men

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Definitely painting with a broad brush here, but you’re not cool unless you own a bomber jacket. Sorry. They’ve been the symbol of urban debonairness for decades, and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. So, you’d be wise to grab you one or two. They’re great for pretty much any season because of their unique and adaptable design. You can even sport lightweight versions in summer, preferably with a pair of shorts.

Sure, the bomber jacket has military roots, but it’s grown wings over time, so to speak, and crossed over mainstream. Now, regardless of socioeconomic background, gender or ethnicity, you can get access to a really killer bomber jacket. And, frankly, you should. Here are some of the best bomber jackets for men!

What to Look for In the Best Bomber Jackets

Wondering what makes one bomber jacket stand out amongst the rest? Here’s what to look for in the best bomber jackets:

  • The best bomber jacket colors are navy, black, khaki, grey, olive green, burgundy, and brown. Generally, more neutral colors match the design of most bomber jackets.
  • The best materials for a bomber jacket include leather, suede, wool, and silk due to their high-quality nature. Nylon and organic cotton are also great materials for lightweight bomber jackets.
  • The best bomber jacket designs consist of a tight waistband, tight cuffs, and a wraparound collar. There are many different variations of bomber jackets, but these components give bomber jackets their signature look.

Best Leather Bomber Jackets

You can never go wrong with leather. Just ask Fonzie. Here are some of the best leather bomber jackets for men:

Belstaff “Hallington Blouson Bomber”

Belstaff wasn’t playing around with this one. They went all out with this thing, and this is just the beginning. You can tell this series will get flashier and flashier over time, soon becoming a staple in many closets.

Moto is always the way to go if you’re aiming for that “bad boy” look. That, coupled with leather and a quilted lining, makes this a deal you can’t refuse really. If you’ve been hitting up the gym lately, the Hallington Blouson slim fit will accentuate your results.

A bit steep in price, this bomber is well worth the splurge. Let’s face it, bro, the fur collar alone is enough reason to buy the coat. It exudes a smooth quality, a James-Dean-rebel-without-a-cause contemporary vibe. If you’re the kind who eats up attention, the Hallington Blouson would likely be your go-to.

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Taylor Stitch “Seca”

The Seca jacket by Taylor Stitch is retro meets modern, Mayan Sicars on a boat ride in Havana meets cold brew in the backyard with old frat buddies. In other words, it’s a must-have.

Just like all Taylor Stitch products, the Seca jacket is hardwearing and attractive. If you’re a fan of racing or the beach-ridden state of Cali, you’d enjoy this as it’s the Laguna Seca Raceway’s namesake.

It boasts a rich, leather finish, full-grain to be exact. It comes complete with an antique YKK zipper and other detailing to authenticate the garment. Its lining is brushed linen. The Seca jacket pairs very well with jeans or professional attire.

Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for any wardrobe. This jacket lacks nothing, quite possibly because Taylor Stitch hooked up with another outerwear giant, Golden Bear, to create this masterpiece that is Seca.

This puppy is stylish, gentlemanly and eye-catching. If you’re afraid to look wealthy, don’t wear this. Everyone is bound to think you’re rolling in dough.

Not to mention, its shape is loosely based on the A-2 bomber jacket. The Seca jacket will set you back a little more than a grand, but if you’ve got it, it’s totally worth it.

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Overland “Memphis Lambskin Leather Bomber Moto Jacket”

A modern variant of the bomber jacket, the sleek lines and unique brick color of this piece makes it a true showstopper. This effortlessly cool jacket is made with top grain hand-wax lambskin for a luxury finish with gentle sheen. You’ll also enjoy the stylish high collar with detailed contrast stitching.

The Memphis provides all the storage you could need from jacket, with two zippered chest pockets, two hand pockets, and three interior pockets. To complete the look, a strap and buckle closure adds yet another thoughtful element to this slim fit leather bomber jacket.

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Best Lightweight Bomber Jackets

Want to stay in style without overheating? Try any of the best lightweight bomber jackets below:

Banana Republic “Water-Resistant Lightweight Bomber Jacket”

This Banana Republic special is great for autumn weather, particularly if you’re travelling. It’s comfortable and easy to wash and upkeep. It has zipper and button closures on the pockets and sleeves, making it convenient for storing little accoutrements if need be. As its name suggests, it is a lightweight garment and a feasible choice for the guy who likes bombers but prefers the less flashy versions.

Banana Republic did a great job on this water-resistant jacket. Now, all you need is a pair of their Rapid Movement Chinos, and you’re good to go.

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Schott “Slim-Fit Nylon Flight Jacket”

Super stylish and lightweight, this slim-fit nylon jacket is a must-have. You can literally wear this any season and just about any occasion. Its accents are eye-catching and so are the colors. This flight jacket can be acquired in three colors: gray, navy or khaki. Either shade is legit, but it’s something about the navy; you can do more with it as far as denim is concerned.

Schott spared nothing but gave everything with this bomber. The overall finish has a slight shine to it, making it a great buy.

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Golden Fleece® “Wool-Silk Bomber Jacket”

You’re guaranteed to look sharp in this luxury lightweight bomber jacket. Made with a fine blend of Italian-woven wool and silk, there’s no question that this is a high-quality piece. The structured collar and streamlined fit adds a touch of formality that will elevate any clothing combination. To create a classy look with minimal effort, simply throw on this premium Italian jacket! Plus, the weightlessness of the piece will provide you with plenty of comfort in addition to style.

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Best Shearling Bomber Jackets

Shearling is a classic material for bomber jackets, offering that traditional fuzzy look along the collar and lapel. Here are some of the best shearling bomber jackets for men:

Buck Mason “Full Grain Sundown Flight Jacket”

This full-grain cowhide jacket will provide you with plenty of versatility, style, and class. The soft, authentic leather paired with a quilted satin lining makes this jacket an extremely comfortable piece, while the angled zip pockets at the hip provide a little bit of edge.

The plush shearling collar is removable, so you can wear this jacket in both mild and cold climates. Plus, it puts a modern spin on a classic design due to its slightly cropped fit, further adding to the versatility of this high-quality piece!

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Overland “Classic Sheepskin B-3 Bomber Jacket with Detachable Hood”

This heavyweight piece is modeled after original WWII shearling jackets that American bombers wore at over 30,000 feet! Needless to say, if you’re facing a cold winter season ahead, this jacket will undoubtedly keep you warm.

The sheepskin fabric is durable and designed for insulation, and you’ll also enjoy the fur roll-back cuffs and hem. On especially cold days, the black fur hood provides additional protection—but it can also be removed to help regulate temperature. This is truly the ultimate winter bomber jacket!

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Exclusive Todd Snyder + Golden Bear “Shearling Collar Bomber Jacket in Burgundy”

This jacket is inspired by a classic aviator look, elevated with luxe detailing and materials. Designed for durability, this sensible piece provides a laid-back feel that’s great for everyday wear. But the jacket isn’t solely utilitarian—the satin shell, plush shearling collar, and striking burgundy color provides a layer of sophistication, making it a must-have piece. This jacket is the perfect blend of rugged looks and trendy appeal.

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Best Affordable Bomber Jackets (under $100)

Shopping on a budget? No problem. There are still plenty of great bombers out there for you. Here are some of the best affordable bomber jackets for men:

Native Youth “Venture Bomber Jacket”

The accents, the pockets, the layout, the jacket itself is next-to-perfect. If you’re the fashion-forward type, confident in your own skin and capable of handling the center of attention, give this bomber a shot.

The fit is attractive, rather slim but not clingy. And, again, the pockets set this bomber apart from its counterparts. Pair it with something black or gray or white and you’re a fashion icon instantly.

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JCREW “Everyday Bomber Jacket”

For a casual look, you can’t go wrong with JCREW’s Everyday Bomber Jacket. The vintage olive color is super trendy and bold, while the jacket itself is loose and relaxed. Instead of sticking with a ribbed waist found on most bomber jackets, it features a sleek, straight hem that modernizes the fit. Made with organic cotton, it’s a comfortable, breathable piece that serves as a perfect transitional layer. Plus, inner and outer pockets offer you additional storage.

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Levi’s “Flight Satin Bomber Jacket”

If your style is more rugged and straightforward, you can’t go wrong with this bomber jacket from Levi’s. The boxy shape is designed to square off your shoulders for an ultra-masculine look, while the baseball collar offers a more relaxed element.

The front of the jacket features two symmetrical chest patch pockets with a buttoned flap, as well as side slash pockets with a zip closure. Although the look is laid-back, it offers just enough edge to be dressed up or down for any occasion. Whether you’re grilling, going on a date, or spending the day watching sports, this manly jacket will serve you nicely!

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Best Black Bomber Jackets

There’s nothing like a black bomber jacket to achieve a classically cool look. Get your swagger on with the best black bomber jackets on the market today:

Canada Goose “Woolford Down Bomber Jacket”

Canada Goose is no slouch when it comes to durable and good-looking apparel, plain and simple.

This is not your typical bomber, the Woolford Down jacket may not be for every man, but it is for a certain kind of man. If you’re athletic or enjoy hiking, this one might just be for you. If you’re out and about in colder climates and want to look good out there in the unkinder weather, this should be in your wardrobe ASAP. Plus, a Canada Goose logo bedecks the sleeve.

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Golden Bear “Leather And Wool Bomber Jacket”

Golden Bear put a nostalgic spin on this one. The Leather and Wool bomber is debatably the most legendary of the group. It’ll take you back to the old school while giving you an up-to-date flair. You can’t go wrong with leather sleeves, right?

Wear it on any occasion, but it’s something about wearing this in the fall on a date with your significant other, maybe even to a sporting event. The Loro Piana wool is comfy and striking. Above all else, ribbed and stripped trim is the kicker.

Partner with a pair of dark or light-colored jeans and the right boot or Air Force sneakers and voila! You’re the man.

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Eddie Bauer “1936 Skyliner Model Down Jacket”

Searching for a classic black bomber jacket to add to your wardrobe? Look no further the Eddie Bauer 1936 Model Down Jacket. This piece is covered in signature diamond quilting for a smart and sophisticated design. The rib-knit hem, cuffs, and collar are sure to keep you warm in the cooler months, and the slim fit is versatile enough to be dressed up or down. Eddie Bauer patented the first down jacket in America, so you can trust that this pick will be a sound addition to your closet.

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Best Overall Bomber Jackets

Won’t settle for anything but the best. We’ve got you covered. Here are our picks for the best overall bomber jackets for men:

Theory “Furg HL Neoteric Bomber Jacket”

The raglan sleeves give the Furg HL Neoteric an edge. It’s not over-the-top, but in its own right, it is a bit chic and eye-commanding. Theory decided to design this with neoprene in mind. The raglans and the neoprene together affords it modern appeal. Its layout is good for the practical wearer looking for a touch of swag.

Anything white, say, a white top, will bring the blue out handsomely; additionally, khakis, jeans or anything with varying hues of blue and black. But, remember the white for an extra pop and a some really crazy sneakers.

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AllSaints “Kemble Suede Bomber Jacket”

Goat, anyone?

Yep, this bomber by All Saints is made with top-of-the-line goat suede. How much more masculine can things get?

The zipper is awkwardly placed, causing the Kemble bomber to feel a bit abstract but in an awesome way. It has that classic, ageless silhouette we all love, teasing us with a little hip hop, a little rock-n-roll. Most of all, All Saints kept comfort in mind. You won’t have to suffice ruggedness for quality. You get them both with this jacket.

Don’t sleep on this Kemble Suede bomber. It feels great and wows aesthetically.

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Alpha Industries “MA-1”

This slim fit bomber is marketed as a “flight” jacket. It’s the most classic silhouette of the bunch. The MA-1 is timeless and can be worn with a variety of bottoms and tops. Tan, white, black, greens, browns and anything utilitarian are complementary regardless of which of the neutral-colored MA-1s you choose.

The pockets are in the right places, giving an overall stylish mien. It’s probably the best bomber jackets for men.

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