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The Torgoen T9

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The Torgoen T9 is the ultimate pilots watch. Featuring Swiss movement, GMT 24h hand, high- grade stainless steel and genuine Italian leather, this watch was designed affordably without compromising quality and design. Are you looking for a bold new watch for your collection?

Here’s why you’ll love the Torgoen T9. 

Made for pilots in classic aviation style, the Torgoen T9 has a GMT hand that can be set for different times zones. A pilot watch has this function because Air Traffic Control always communicates in GMT. It is not exclusively useful for pilots. Many of us log hours flying for work and with family so you can keep this extra hand set to your local time zone. This ability makes it perfect for any traveller with an office or family in a different place. Hence, you never lose track of time differences. The GMT rotates once every 24 hours (as opposed to every 12 hours the main hand does), and it is quickly set to any time zone.

Torgoen uses a Swiss-made battery-powered movement. Watches with a Swiss connection are renowned for their accuracy and dependability and proven Rhonda 515.24H movement. This watch’s well-made hardware will stand the test of time. The case is made from high grade solid stainless steel with screw- down stainless-steel curved back.

The dial window is scratch resistant mineral crystal. The 42- millimetre dial has non-radioactive hands that glow for 8 hours in the dark (assuming it was adequately charged during the day). This gives the bold design high readability throughout the day and night.

The cream face, blue minute and hour hands, numbers and markers set against the orange GMT hand and orange stitching of the high quality soft blue leather strap near the lugs this watch is not only functional but exceedingly handsome. If this colour combination does not suit your fancy, there are 14 different variations of dial colour and strap options, including leather and bracelets, to choose from. The lug is 22mm, and the leather is heavy. The clasp is a tang buckle which is perfect for the thick strap. The Torgoen T9 is water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters. 

The Torgoen T9 is joined by the T18, T10, Classic Aviation and Automatic Torgoen lines. With the same exceptional quality, affordable price, and everyday usability, this may quickly become your favourite watch brand. The T9 is unique at Torgoen due to its GMT hand. We recommend this feature as it adds a necessary functionality for today’s modern traveller and complements other orange highlights of the watch without making the dial too busy.

The Torgoen T9 is available from the Torgoen website and comes with a 3-year limited warranty when buying directly from the The Torgoen is the watch choice of pilots, and the brand is endorsed by billionaire Richard Branson. Priced around $260, the T9 is the best value Torgoen yet. 

Affordable, weighty and boldly designed the Torgoen T9 is the next watch you need for your collection. Or, an excellent starter piece the T9’s functionality and accuracy due to its Swiss movement features make this purchase a natural choice.

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