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8 Ways To Manage Erectile Dysfunction

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Most men do not openly converse about suffering from erectile dysfunction when having sex. To those who are not aware, an erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to keep a strong erection during sexual intercourse. It could lead to poor performance in bed, and worse, relationship strain.


According to health experts, in 2019, around 3% to 76.5% of men were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction worldwide. Some of the common culprits are lack of sleep, excessive smoking, too much stress, etc. That said, erectile dysfunction is not a minor problem, it needs immediate treatment as it can be a big issue when disregarded for a long time.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you should not get discouraged. Just like any other health problems, it can be treated by consulting a doctor and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Below are some safe and sound ways to treat erectile dysfunction and bring back life and excitement to your sex life.

Consult Health Experts For Medicinal Treatments 

Most men who have erectile dysfunction think that this problem is associated with age. This is not a true notion as it can affect men of different ages. If you feel less potent during sex, try to consult to a health expert and get some advice about treatments you can get to correct it.

Doctors would recommend using a male enhancement hormone treatment. You might be wondering if it really works. If it does, what is the most effective male enhancement pill? How effective is it in treating ED?

Your doctor can shed some light on these matters and give you the exact prescription depending on your condition and tolerance.

Quit Smoking 

As they say, “Smoking is dangerous to one’s health.” If you are a regular smoker, your tendency to acquire erectile dysfunction is high. As early as now, you need to quit smoking if you want to avoid suffering from ED.

Smoking has nicotine that cramps the blood vessel, which is required for an erection to occur. Also, the arteries in your sex organs can become constricted, further contributing to erectile dysfunction.

Follow a Healthy Diet 

Obesity and high-cholesterol can lead to erectile dysfunction, according to some health professionals. If you are eating high-fatty foods, you must avoid this kind of diet and try changing your meal plans.

Foods with high cholesterol can contribute to many cardiovascular diseases that weaken your heart. Apart from that, your weight becomes abnormal, leading to poor erectile functioning. Hence, eating healthier meals with saturated fat and high in fiber can decrease the risk of acquiring an ED.

Take A Regular Exercise Routine

Exercising is one of the best ways to activate our body from functioning, allowing us to work out our muscles and adjust the joints. It is highly recommended to take a 25-30 minute exercise every day to improve your erectile functioning. It also improves your body’s blood flow, especially in the pelvic region, which is an essential part of the body that aids erectile functioning.

Moreover, doing regular exercise can also build more solid stamina, helps you feel better, relieves stress, and lowers blood pressure. Make sure you do this daily to avoid acquiring erectile dysfunction. 

Manage Stress and Anxiety Correctly 

Most men are prone to stress and anxiety due to many factors. Men can acquire excessive stress by overthinking about problems or anything that can contribute to their anxieties. Stress and anxiety can tremendously affect your sexual performance, which may lead to erectile dysfunction.

Furthermore, stress and anxiety are the leading causes of depression, which can lead to disinterest with sex or poor libido.

Loosen up and take time to relax if you feel stressed and tired. You can also take a short break from work and engage in leisure activities such as watching a movie, travelling, camping, or going to the beach. It will be best if you do it with your partner.

If you are not familiar with CBD products, it may be worth a try. Products such as Delta 10 THC Products have been reported to have a calming effect on the nerves without necessarily affecting your stamina. Many users feel more energised and relaxed, which can help with anxiety relief.


A lot of men drink alcohol, thinking that it is an excellent aphrodisiac. However, alcohol is actually a depressant and not a libido enhancer. Although drinking one or two glasses of alcohol can sometimes help erectile functioning, drinking too much could lead to ED in the long run.

If you are a regular drinker and don’t want to suffer from ED, make sure to tone down your drinking habits or drink moderately. 

Think of Couple Counseling  

Relationship problems are among the most significant contributing factors that can cause erectile dysfunction. It is true, especially for those who have issues with their partners that are left unresolved.

A couple might need to consult a sex therapist, medical specialist, or marriage counselor who can help you resolve sexual or relationship issues. Understanding the root causes of these issues will help you better understand each other’s needs, be it emotionally or sexually and might help boost your romantic relationship too.

Be Open to Your Partner 

Men do not usually open up about erectile dysfunction to their partners, which leads to a more serious problem. It’s either they get embarrassed, or they don’t want their partners to feel like they picked the wrong guy. As a man, do your best to communicate with your partner and be honest about your struggles with ED.

Remember that your erectile dysfunction problem is not only your concern, but your partner’s as well. If you will not be open about it, your relationship may draw away due to dissatisfaction. Make sure to communicate openly with your partner and make him/her understand your situation.


Erectile Dysfunction is a serious sexual health issue that men need to pay attention to. It is not a simple illness that should be ignored as it can affect a lot of things, especially in the long run. Apart from consulting with health experts, erectile dysfunction can be corrected by eating healthy foods, doing regular exercises, quitting smoking, and engaging in counseling sessions for couples.


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