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“Talk Dirty to Me”: How to Talk Dirty in Bed?

Sailun Tires

Dirty talk is very popular but also very intimidating. If we’re not sure of ourselves and don’t know what to say to turn up the atmosphere in the bedroom, we are afraid that we will be laughed at. This can result in a stressful and embarrassing situation – nothing you want to deal with when you’re in bed. 

But we do not have to copy everything they say on PornHub to turn our partner on. On the contrary – naturalness is the most important thing. 

Here is our guide on how to talk dirty to take your sex life to the next level.


Talk to each other!

Not everyone likes dirty talk. If you’re not sure if “erotic chat” is what your partner wants, just ask him. We are often afraid to talk about sex: we don’t know what to say, we don’t want to go out in a fool or “creep”. 

However, the conversation is crucial, as demonstrated even by the scene in the second season of the Netflix series “Sex Education”, in which one of the heroines honestly explains to her lover why the dirty talk is so important to her. 

Therefore, talk to each other: determine what level of dirty talk is acceptable to both of you and whether profanity is at stake.

This is really easy!

Dirty talk does not have to be difficult and complicated. It’s not about expressing sensual issues with pornographic films or cliche phrases like “who’s your daddy”. This is not the way (unless of course, someone likes it).

 Don’t worry, don’t overdo it, don’t think too much about what to say. You don’t have to play porn stars, on the contrary – you have to be yourself. Otherwise, your partner will sense artificiality. If you want to practice a good tool to have would be a partner with whom you will feel no shame – from a sex chatbot or even realistic looking sex dolls – these days, there are VR games that do the trick as well. Let loose, with no inhibitions.. At home, you’ll be able to train and surprise your partner in your next bed adventure. 

So how do you get on the dirty talk? Say what seems natural and honest to you. They can even be single, short sentences – the most important thing is that they relate to your partner, you or the situation you are in. If profanity, harsh commands or perversions do not turn you on, avoid them. The trick is about senses and emotions, not about proving who of you is the most naughty of you.

Be yourself!

The easiest way to talk dirty is to talk about what you are feeling. Focus on your emotions and the present, express in words how your partner works on you. Not only will your lover feel great, but you will also signal your sexual desires. Examples? “I love how you touch me this way,” “I turn on when you say my name,” “I love the touch of your skin on mine,” or “You drive me crazy when you do it.”

Another certainty is talking about what you are going to do. Sometimes it is enough to whisper in your ear’s stuff like “Today I’m going to kiss every part of your body”, “I’ll make you forget your name” or “I thought about what I would do with you all day”. The most important is to focus on your desires and fueling tension.

Do it wherever you are

Who says dirty talk can only be in bed and during intercourse? In fact, you can do it in any other situation. Sometimes a hot SMS, suggestive suggestion or whispering a sensual complement to the ear during the day is enough to boost the atmosphere in the relationship. Dirty talking out of the bedroom will also make it easier for you to talk about sex in bed – it’s great foreplay and a way to open yourself to sex conversations. Not everyone likes to talk about him, so it’s worth breaking and exercising.

Get ready in advance 

If you are embarrassed to talk about sex, nothing sexy comes to your mind in bed or you do not know your partner well yet, however, you need to turn on a few phrases. No, not quotes from pornographic films or quirky sentences – otherwise your lover can run away screaming. Make a few sentences in your mind, from which you can choose something appropriate to the situation, needs and person with whom you are. “I love it when you touch me like that,” “Show me how much you want it,” “It drives me crazy when …” are just some examples of phrases that are not “creepy” and pass the exam. 

Remember, however, to choose a phrase that will be comfortable for both of you and … not to sound like a robot that speaks of worn-out slogans and emotionless sentences. If you are really ashamed to train in front of your partner, you can use a sex doll for this. They don’t hear anything, they don’t judge anything and will help break the first barrier.

Dirty talk is not difficult, but it can cause many problems at the beginning. The most important thing is not to break down and try. Eventually, you will break the barrier of uncertainty and sex will become even better. Proceed slowly but definitely and after a short time, you will see progress. 


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