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The Truth About Your Beer Belly and How To Get Rid of it

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Beer gut, spare tire, love handles – no matter what name you give it, extra fat around your waist is bad for your self-confidence and more importantly,  bad for your health.

Unfortunately, when you’re working from home, sitting in front of the computer for prolonged periods of time, and having most of your meals delivered to you, accumulating fat around your waist is almost inevitable. Because of today’s lifestyle, a huge chunk of the population is overweight, carrying excess kilos around the stomach.

Science says that humans are hardwired to store fat for survival. Our genes are designed to help us survive in the radically different environmental conditions hundreds of thousands of years ago. But this genetic makeup is not exactly helpful in the modern world where we’re surrounded by 24/7 fast food chains and lots of cheap calories. It’s so easy to overeat and develop a beer belly – it’s almost effortless.

But does that mean we’re all destined to have a beer gut? Of course not!

Here are some facts that can help you understand beer bellies and tips to help you avoid them!

Q: What causes beer bellies?

Nope, a beer belly is not just a byproduct of beer alone.

Sure, beer contributes a lot of unhealthy calories but don’t put all the blame on your regular pints of IPA. In a nutshell, consuming more calories than what you can burn leads to weight gain and fat around your midriff.

When you’re drinking pints of alcohol and eating greasy or sugary foods everyday, it does not take long for the calories to pile up and the beer belly to accumulate. That said, there is really no other way around it. The best way to combat your beer belly is to switch to a more mindful diet of more proteins and vegetables. You also need to calculate how many calories you need to consume per day. If you do not go beyond this daily calorie requirement, then you don’t have to fear beer bellies at all!

Q: What makes beer bellies so unhealthy?

What makes abdominal fat so unhealthy anyway? Beer belly is made up of a specific kind of fat called visceral fat.It is stored beneath the skin and is known to be dangerous because it wraps around the internal organs, including the liver, pancreas, and kidneys.

Carrying excess visceral fat is dangerous because it is associated with numerous diseases such as cancer, obesity, stroke, and even depression. It is also known to interfere with brain function, appetite, and mood!

Q: What can I do if I want to start losing my beer belly?

There is no magic formula, you have to change your lifestyle.

In addition to reducing daily calorie intake, there are many other ways to trim off a  beer belly and feel much healthier in the process. The most basic but perhaps the best advice is to start exercising, more particularly, to start lifting weights.

LIfting weights can help you build muscle, which helps you develop a faster metabolism. The more muscle you have, the faster you burn fat. This means that there are less chances for your beer belly to accumulate.

You might want to eat more scientifically and swap out the carbs for more chicken breasts. Protein can help your body become much leaner and it also helps curb cravings. There is a good reason why athletes eat a protein-rich diet and you totally should too!

One other thing that you need to focus on is improving your sleep. According to numerous studies, lack of sleep is often associated with weight gain, more specifically, weight gain around the abdominal area. It is also likely to make you crave sugary food throughout the day because you lack energy. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Lack of sleep causes many other health problems. You definitely have everything to gain if you decide to develop a sleep routine that will allow you to get at least seven hours of sleep a night.

Q: What is the best alternative if I want to keep on drinking but also want to lose weight?

The good news? You don’t have to give up alcohol and all the fun conversations that come with it. You just have to switch to a healthier alternative.

A usual can of beet typically has 150- 180 calories. On the other hand, drinks like vodka and gin have fewer calories per shot. Mix it with a zero-calorie soda and you have a drink with much fewer calories. Experiment and try out different mixes until you find a new signature drink that won’t leave you feeling bloated. You might as well look for healthier snack alternatives to match your new drink too!

Say bye-bye to your beer belly today… 

You probably didn’t gain your beer belly overnight, so don’t expect to lose it overnight. It takes a lot of work and commitment… but don’t lose hope. Many people have done it before and you can definitely do it too!

The most important thing is to get started. Make a commitment to yourself and find ways to live a healthier life and eliminate your beer belly. 



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