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9 Simple ways to Sleep Better Tonight

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9 Simple ways to Sleep Better Tonight

There will be too many men or too few men hitting that snooze button on this week’s weight loss goals.

Are you a man who is not getting enough sleep or has turned into a person who is always doing the “lie-in” thing?  Well, unfortunately, the news is not good.  There’s a possibility that it’s making you put on weight.  In fact, as reported by the University of Glasgow, getting too much sleep or not getting enough sleep increases your chance of becoming obese.  For those who were getting too much sleep, they had a greater risk of genetic obesity and were 4kg heavier than participants who got between 7 to 9 hours.  The same results were produced for those participants sleeping less than 7 hours.  This group ended up being approximately 2kg heavier.  Based on these findings, it’s time to make some sleep changes with our nine tips.


Your Bed

It looks innocuous enough, but, believe it or not, chances are it’s one of your worst enemies when it comes to getting some sleep.  As reported by the University of Pennsylvania, spending more time away from your bed can stop chronic insomnia.  But why is that? When you’re lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling, it just encourages wakefulness.  Get out of the bed and read a book.  Return to the bed only when you’re tired and seriously ready for sleep.

Not convinced? Here are more tips for getting some shut-eye.


Have Lots of Sex

Dr. Pam Spurr, the author of Sensational Sex, gives a good tip on what sex can do for lack of sleep.  She says that making love is the way to get that much-needed sleep because sex leaves you feeling relaxed.  And if you don’t have a partner, masturbation accomplishes the same thing.


Get it Down on Paper

Got a lot of stuff on your mind?  Then write it down and promise yourself you’ll take care the stuff in the morning.  Jessica Alexander, who is part of the Sleep Council, assures us that when you promise yourself you’ll take care of it in the morning, it helps to prevent you from lying awake worrying about it.



Sleep Solo

A study was done by Reading University that looked at 46 couples in bed. The study concluded the motion experienced by a person was triggered by the motion of that person’s bed partner. For those who slept alone, a more restful sleep was attained.   Conclusion?  Single beds may not be a bad idea.



The mattress you have is always going to impact hugely on the quality of sleep you have. A quality mattress such as a Costco mattress can really help as it will help you with a more comfortable and restful sleep allowing you to recharge for the next day.


Take to the Streets

As reported by the Journal of American Medical Association, a brisk walk during the late afternoon, after dinner, is the perfect amount of exercise for men to tackle their sleep disruption.


Don’t Smoke

If you are not a smoker, don’t start.  A group of American psychologists monitored 3,500 adults and discovered that the smokers had a third more problems with sleep than the non-smokers. The fact is, nicotine is a stimulant with its effects peaking late in the day.   As a result, smokers experience nicotine withdrawal at night.

Remain Awake

Have you got a racing mind?  Then don’t ignore it.  Go ahead and keep your eyes open.  Don’t fight it.  As Dr. Colin Espie, a clinical psychologist at Gartnavel Royal Hospital, Glasgow says, “Tell yourself sleep will come when it’s ready and keep your eyes open as long as possible. Don’t try too hard to fall asleep.”


Wear Socks

Did you know that men who have warm hands and warm feet fall asleep on average of up to half the time it usually takes?  That’s according to findings by Swiss Researchers.  Warm feet and hands cause blood vessels to largen which dispenses heat and lowers core temperature.



No, don’t drink alcohol.  Instead, try a cup of Horlicks or some hot milky drink.  What do these contain?  They contain tryptophans which are the building blocks of serotonin.  Serotonin is one of your body’s natural sleep hormones.




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