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Cannabis seeds in your diet

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You probably had been told that you could safely eat cannabis and enjoy its beautiful virtues, some of you would surely deny it body and soul. However, it is possible to consume cannabis, but cannabis Sativa or industrial hemp. 

In the same way that indica cannabis intervenes in the treatment of more and more diseases, cannabis Sativa also makes it possible to bring to your diet an unequalled richness. 

Whether it’s the seeds, you can get from the best website such as, from a specialized food store, or your private stock, your body can benefit from nutrient-supplied food.

How is it possible?

It is the first question that certain people with a great spirit of curiosity will undoubtedly ask themselves. You should know that cannabis in general and cannabis Sativa, in particular, is an oilseed just like peanuts, olives or soybeans.

Cannabis seeds are also called hemp seed; they contain a low content of tetrahydrocannabinol which ensures a very healthy consumption. The nuts from the shelled seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, but also provide a great richness in amino acids. It is why they are used both in industry, but also in gastronomy.

Can you eat cannabis seeds?

Yes, it’s even crunchy, creamy and fragrant. In addition to providing ecological fibres for building, industry and even textiles, this extraordinary plant also offers us its crisp and creamy seeds, from which we extract a green and precious oil, with the sweet smell of hay.

You might as well know it right now: don’t expect any psychotropic effects from this hemp. Edible hemp is indeed of the same family as cannabis. Still, the varieties cultivated for their seeds and their oil have the particularity of not containing the famous THC which makes hover.

The most curious nutritionists among you will, however, be interested in their exceptional protein content (almost 25%) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (including 1/3 of omega 3) and the possibility of consuming it raw.

Food use of cannabis seeds

The seeds are of undisputed utility. They are increasingly used in pastry and baking. The seeds are peeled with great care to extract the nuts.

These nuts, whole or crushed, are then used by professionals chefs to act as a food additive, or even to serve as appetizers or in salads.

On the other hand, these seeds can be transformed into flour and intervene in the making of cakes, cookies or even in burgers.

A very useful hemp oil

Like all oilseeds, cannabis seeds can be used to make oil. The latter is obtained after pressing the seeds.

Some studies would even place it in the ranking of the best oils that could bring your body good vitality thanks to its fatty composition. It has different types of vitamins such as vitamins E, B1, B2 and B6, but above all, they contain omega three and even omega 6 in a well-balanced ration.

On the other hand, this oil contains a very rare active ingredient like gamma-linolenic acid. So, this is beneficial cannabis for humans just like indica cannabis.

Eat cannabis seeds

Cannabis seed is among the most complete and abundant food in the world. Weed seed is a real superfood of great interest. It is very rich in minerals, vitamin E and omega-3. What is more, 2% of its oil is composed of a very rare omega-3, stearidonic acid which is also called omega-3 SDA.

Cooking with cannabis seeds

The cannabis seed makes beautifully creamy sauces, dressings and milk without even requiring filtering. So, you can just as easily imagine it as an ingredient for frosting, and it can make a smoothie smoother in which we would have put too fibrous vegetables.

Very sweet, it goes very well with other flavors in a recipe. It can also be sprinkled on a plate to decorate it quickly.

Surrounded by their thin shell: they crunch to the tooth and take on delicious roasted aromas when you dry-roast them for a few moments.

The peeled cannabis seeds: pale, about the size of sesame seeds, they are beautifully decorative. Very creamy, they can even be ground into hemp milk or hemp cream, interesting raw and flavored versions of homemade vegetable milk.

The cannabis flour: which is extracting oil cake: a golden powder, which I found a little tricky to use. But introduced in the right proportion, its colors and flavors pancakes, cookies or bread.

Eat cannabis seeds

Sprouted seeds are generally eaten raw. To enjoy all their benefits, they must be chewed and added to various salads or fresh vegetables. You can easily incorporate cannabis seeds in salad dressing, or sandwiches, in spring rolls and rolls of spring, and they also accompany the cheese, are part of the composition of original dressings, decorate the canapes for the aperitif, the plates or the dishes.

Cannabis seeds containing no psychotropic substances, they are legal in the UK and Europe. However, cultivating cannabis and marijuana seeds remains illegal!


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