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COVID19 AKA Coronavirus: Reddit Shares how to ACTUALLY Prepare for the Worst

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COVID19 is officially a pandemic. No one thought it would get this far, but it has, and now the world is in a state of hysteria. Buying toilet paper and sanitizer by the skids. Costco and Walmart are unable to keep stock of either item and when it finally does arrive, there is a race for your life and elbows thrown in every direction.

The media is pushing the fear mongering to new heights and increasing the sales of these items. I myself went to Walmart and saw an unsuspecting skid of toilet paper and COULDN’T walk away without buying it because of what I had read about it. Who wants to be the only moron without toilet paper? When, in actuality, I have a shower and a bidet…I don’t really need toilet paper. Especially not the cashmere brand that they had available. I mean c’mon, this is a crisis we’re in – buy the necessities!

Tom Hanks has the virus for god’s sake…it’s real.

We need to to start thinking about what we should do if we contract COVID19.

The more articles I read, the more I realize that it’s not a matter of IF we will contract COVID19, it’s more a matter of WHEN. This encouraged me to do research on what measures have already been taken in the places that are locked down because of the virus. It is best to learn from the countries who are in the thick of the COVID19 outbreak. Learn from their mistakes. We have the opportunity to do better as outsiders looking in. Hospitals are overrun with patients in China, and soon Italy will be in the same predicament.

It’s safe to say seeking any sort of medical care is going to be a lost cause. So stocking up on medical supplies to help keep up your immune system should be #1 on your list if you intend to be one of the survivors of this disease.

Flu medicine, Advil, Cold FX, etc. – get it while it’s still on the shelves. This should be the number one thing you should be buying, because you can’t wipe your ass when you are dead.

Some survival facts from Reddit you should know about (Updated March 12, 2020)


The World Health Organization has announced that dogs cannot contract Covid-19. Dogs previously held in quarantine can now be released. To be clear, WHO let the dogs out.

For those who are stocking their pantries in case of a Coronavirus quarantine, consider buying yeast and flour instead of bread. You don’t need a bread maker, and you will get so much more for your money. Here is a link to a very easy bread recipe. Stay safe!

Coronavirus will bankrupt more people than it kills — and that’s the real global emergency

Denmark has been seeing one of the worst developments of cases, going from 35 cases on Monday to 615 today. Denmark has now joined Italy, S Korea, Norway, Iran,​ and Bahrain as the 6th country to have more than 1 case per 10,000 inhabitants.

About 10% of people who contracted #coronavirus have required hospitalization so far. Even if we get that down to 1% in the U.S., it still would mean 700,000 people would require hospitalization… And there are only 300,000 open hospital beds nationwide.

Officials in China have declared that the peak of the country’s outbreak is officially over. Today there were just 15 new cases logged across the whole of China, and Hubei province – the epicentre of the virus – logged just eight new infections.



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