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Do Real Men Smoke E-Cigarettes?

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Vaping, by way of an e-cig or similar device, is the process of inhaling and exhaling a cigarette-smoke-like vapor. It has the look, feel, and taste of a traditional cigarette, but isn’t a traditional cigarette at all. Vaping is a lot like smoking, but it’s far manlier because it’s not smoking; and, there’s hardly anything less cool and less manly than smoking rolled tobacco cigarettes. But, if you’re not sold on switching from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, here are a few more reasons to consider:

Vaping Has Manlier Flavors

Check out what’s offered by Black Note, a leading purveyor of e-liquid blends. Their distinct flavors are decidedly flavorful and decidedly hip, more so than the boring menthol or non-menthol traditional cigarettes have to offer. You have more power when selecting blends of e-cig juice than you do when picking out a pack of cigarettes. You have the power to choose a blend of tobacco juice that fits your personal style and taste preferences, such as the Virginia blend, which is made from tobacco grown in the sandy alluvial plains at the foot of the Italian Alps, and once harvested is flue-cured to release natural sugars and resins for a light, bright taste and aroma.

Here are some more examples of e-cig blends:

  • Isfahani blend – robust, yet features a slightly sweet and honey-like flavor
  • Burley blend – Cultivated in volcanic soils around Naples and featuring a full-bodied flavor
  • Perique blend – Smooth and rich undertones of the finest red burley resulting in a full-bodied vape reminiscent of the world’s most premium tobaccos
  • Kentucky blend – What’s manlier than Kentucky and where else will you find such fine tobacco with a mildly nutty and aromatic flavor?

E-Cigs are Tech Gadgets

Hello, what’s manlier than being into gadgets? Men love tech and, fortunately, there are some pretty awesome e-cig gadgets out there. You don’t want something bejeweled and feminine; you want a stainless steel and fully customizable body and center pin. Often, these mods even feature designs such as wolves and dragons. You won’t find those on a traditional cigarette.

Vaping Can Be Extreme

Vaping has its own competitive sport, called Cloud Chasing. It’s basically when you inhale on the e-cig and convert that delicious juice to vapor, and whoever can blow out the biggest vapor wins. There are even different ways to blow out the vape, which causes cool visual vapors. If you consider that today’s manly man is smart and sharply dressed, then you should know an e-cig is a cool accessory.

Manly Men Vape

Is Leonardo Di Caprio manly? Well, did you see The Revenant, the movie pretty much proves him to be a bona fide badass, and he’s a dedicated vape enthusiast. And, it’s highly unlikely anyone who vapes will end up like the Marlboro Man, who as many as four of ended up dying of a smoke-related disease. The side-effects of vaping are far less severe than the side-effects of long-term cigarette smoking, which if you think about it is far manlier than an early grave.




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