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Germs, Be Gone! 15 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Family During Cold and Flu Season

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Cold and flu season descends upon us like an uninvited guest just as we’re relishing the arrival of fall and all its cozy trappings.

And while there’s nothing better than pumpkin-spice everything and layers of knitwear, these seasonal joys come with the downside of germs making a home in our bodies. No one wants to spend the season coughing, sneezing, or being confined to bed. 

The months leading into cold and flu season provide a golden opportunity to rally the troops — your family — and declare war on those pesky germs. The secret weapon? A carefully curated selection of products designed to fortify your health and keep you resilient.

We’re not just talking about products for fighting illness but items that make wellness an indulgent, enjoyable experience. From the littlest ones running around your home to the most experienced members of the family, there’s something for everyone to benefit from. Consider this your go-to guide to surviving and thriving during the chilliest, germiest months of the year.

1. Don’t Divide Your Attention Between Two Monthly Miseries Using O Positiv

Photo Source: O Positiv

There’s nothing worse than navigating the labyrinth of cold and flu season while also battling the unpleasantries of period symptoms. Thankfully, O Positiv offers a unique line of vitamins that are specially formulated to address period symptoms and other overlooked health needs. Available in a variety of enjoyable flavors and fun shapes, these vitamins provide a tasty experience that makes daily consumption a breeze. 

Your immune system doesn’t need the extra stress of dealing with both a cold and period symptoms at the same time. With O Positiv, you’re not just taking a step towards illness prevention; you’re also making that time of the month a little more bearable so you can focus on the things that really deserve your attention. This comprehensive approach ensures you’re well-equipped to stay healthy and comfortable, no matter what challenges the season throws your way.

2. Elevate Your Rest With Transfer Master’s Adjustable Hospital Beds

Photo Source: Transfer Master

When a cold or flu does manage to penetrate your fortress of health, rest becomes paramount. At such times, the bed turns from a mere piece of furniture to a healing sanctuary. That’s where Transfer Master’s adjustable hospital beds can help make things more comfortable and convenient. 

These beds can adjust to support every curve and angle of your body, using controls as straightforward as your TV remote. They let you lie down in a way that minimizes strain and maximizes comfort. What sets these beds apart is the medical-grade foam that molds to your form, offering support beyond mere cushioning. With in-built options for raising your legs or providing lumbar support, the bed becomes a haven for recuperation. 

These are the kinds of beds that are usually reserved for medical facilities, but Transfer Master offers the chance to bring this level of comfort into your home. The better the quality of your sleep — or the sleep of older or chronically ill loved ones — the more robust your defenses against colds and flu. 

3. Get on Top of Gut Health With BUBS Naturals

Photo Source: BUBS Naturals

Apple cider vinegar is an age-old potion renowned for its multitude of health benefits. However, the taste has always been the stumbling block. It’s almost like a foul-tasting medicine you reluctantly gulp down. 

That’s why ACV Gummies from BUBS Naturals offer the perfect balance between a time-honored remedy for wellness and gut health … and an experience that doesn’t make you cringe. This game-changing product delivers all the positive health effects of apple cider vinegar with a taste that leaves you satisfied. 

The gummies are especially useful during flu season. Apple cider vinegar has properties that support digestive and immune health, making it easier for your body to fend off germs. These gummies transform the challenge of daily apple cider vinegar consumption into a delightful experience. They’re so tasty you might even look forward to your daily dose, making it easier to keep up with good habits that support your health throughout flu season.

4. No Clinic, No Problem Thanks to Hone Health

Photo Source: Hone Health

Men are often the last ones to admit that a cough or a sniffle is worth a doctor’s visit, let alone preventative care. If only there were a way to blend modern convenience with the undeniable need for medical consultations … Yes, we’re here to tell you that there is!

Hone Health‘s revolutionary men’s health platform manages to bring healthcare into the 21st century for the guys. It offers licensed physician consultations right from the comfort of your couch, along with medications sent directly to your door — no awkward pharmacy runs needed. The service capitalizes on data-driven insights to personalize health solutions, making it more than just a digital clinic. 

The convenience doesn’t compromise the quality of care. We’re talking about a robust, full-service medical consultation, giving you the same kind of attention you’d receive if you physically visited a clinic. This way, you’re not just treating symptoms when they arrive but getting ahead of potential issues that could make you susceptible to the flu or other illnesses. 

By making men’s health care this accessible, Hone Health ensures that preventive care takes center stage. With your immune system in peak form, you’re far less likely to succumb to the ailments of the season, letting you be the superhero your family needs.

5. Pump It Up, Mommas, Thanks to BabyBuddha

Motherhood doesn’t come with a pause button, even during flu season. Balancing feedings, naps, and the never-ending germ battle can make anyone feel like they’re juggling flaming torches. This is where BabyBuddha’s electric breast pump becomes a true life-saver. Designed with modern moms in mind, it’s as portable as your cell phone, quiet as a whisper, and discreet as can be.

This breast pump’s ease of use also has a role to play in keeping the family healthy. Feeding babies breast milk is a great way to share antibodies and boost their immunity. By making the pumping process this convenient, BabyBuddha enables mothers to continue providing this natural protection against viruses. 

This discreet, quiet pump minimizes stress, which is crucial because we all know stress can be an immunity killer. By empowering moms to maintain their roles as providers of both nutrition and comfort, BabyBuddha is offering a holistic solution to keep the entire family healthy.

6. Elevate Your Well-Being With L’Evate You’s Daily Greens Powder

Photo Source: L’Evate You

Say goodbye to tedious chopping and hello to an instant burst of nutrition with L’Evate You’s daily greens powder. Sure, fruits and veggies are great, but when you’re feeling sluggish from a cold, the last thing you want to do is prepare a salad. 

Just a simple scoop of this green goodness into your morning smoothie provides a nutritional arsenal featuring thirty superfoods and an M-Charge complex designed to rev up your energy levels.

It’s not just a quick and easy nutritional fix. The M-Charge complex plays a crucial role in supercharging your cellular functions, fortifying them against attacks from viruses and bacteria. 

By incorporating L’Evate You’s daily greens powder into your routine, you’re ensuring you have the energy and cellular strength to battle whatever cold and flu season throws your way. When your cells are at their peak performance, germs have a harder time making you their home. Unleash the power of green and keep those sneaky viruses at bay!

7. Sip Your Way to Wellness With Herbaly

Photo Source: Herbaly

Herbal teas have long been cherished for their comforting and health-boosting properties. But Herbaly isn’t serving up your grandmother’s herbal brew. These wellness teas incorporate a variety of plant-based ingredients and superfoods that amplify the health benefits. Ingredients like ginger, turmeric, and elderberry infuse these teas with properties that bolster your immune system, offering an extra layer of protection during flu season.

Think of sipping Herbaly’s herbal teas as gifting your immune system a cashmere blanket in the middle of a snowstorm. These teas can act as a balm for your insides, fortifying your body against external health threats. 

As you sip, the blend of natural ingredients gets to work, contributing to overall well-being and arming your defenses for the cold months ahead. Whether you drink it first thing in the morning or as a comforting bedtime ritual, Herbaly’s herbal teas (and supplements!) serve as preventive and restorative elixirs, making them a smart addition to your flu-fighting arsenal.

8. Intentional Health With Ritual’s Traceable Daily Essential Vitamins 

In an age where transparency is treasured, Ritual takes a robust step forward by offering traceable daily essential vitamins. Every ingredient is sourced responsibly and can be traced back to its origin, creating a chain of trust from the earth to your medicine cabinet. This level of transparency not only assures quality but also aligns with ethical consumption, a choice that benefits everyone involved — especially you. 

During flu season, you’ll want to prioritize bolstering your immune system with ingredients you can trust from a company that has all the answers. Ritual offers high-quality vitamins and insights into questions like, “Can you take prenatal vitamins without being pregnant?”

Knowing what goes into your body becomes part of the wellness strategy, enabling you to be intentional about your health. Opt for these vitamins, and you make a proactive choice to arm yourself and your family with reliable, high-quality nutrients, strengthening your first line of defense against colds and flus.

9. Get a Fresh Start With Dr. Kellyann’s 5 Day Cleanse

There’s a sublime satisfaction in starting anew, and flu season presents the perfect occasion to reinvigorate your body’s defenses. The 5 day cleanse from Dr. Kellyann is the equivalent of shaking your internal etch-a-sketch, giving you a blank canvas to ward off germs. 

This cleanse is designed to flush out toxins and impurities that weigh down your system. With specially formulated ingredients, the cleanse detoxifies key organs like your liver and intestines. The result? A body that’s not just feeling lighter but is also a less favorable playground for germs and viruses.

You can think of this cleanse as your pre-season training camp. Just as athletes prepare for the big game, you’re preparing your body for the fight against flu season. This rejuvenation process can also improve your energy levels and mental clarity. No more sluggishness that makes you an easy target for germs; you’ll be alert and ready to take on any challenges the season brings. 

10. Sweet Dreams Are Made of Snoozy

Photo Source: Snoozy

Restorative sleep is a cornerstone of good health, yet it often eludes us just when we need it most … during flu season. Snoozy‘s vegan and organic sleep gummies aim to resolve this conundrum. Featuring a blend of Delta 9 THC, CBD, and CBN, they work to usher you into a state of peaceful slumber, where the body can fully engage its restorative processes. 

In this rejuvenated state, your body is better equipped to fend off illness, making these gummies a crucial tool in your flu-season arsenal. The fusion of vegan and organic elements ensures that you’re consuming a product that’s both effective and aligned with conscientious living. By prioritizing quality sleep with Snoozy’s sleep gummies, you’re doing more than chasing dreams … you’re fortifying your body’s innate ability to repel germs and maintain optimal health.

11. Support Your Gut Instinct With GI Doctor Berookim

A flourishing gut has more to offer than digestive comfort. It can be your ally in the fight against germs. Luckily, GI Doctor Berookim’s experience is far from run-of-the-mill. Along with a suite of laboratory services, Dr. Berookim offers personalized gastroenterologist consultations, putting an end to rushed visits that make you feel like just another name on a list.

In this dedicated setting, a thorough examination can reveal gut imbalances that may make you more susceptible to illness, particularly during flu season. Having a gut that’s in peak condition is like having an internal army ready to battle invading germs. 

Through Dr. Berookim’s personalized treatment plans, you can gain the tools to nurture a healthier gut, thus creating a more resilient version of yourself. Take the time to understand and enhance your gut health, and you open up an often overlooked but essential avenue for defending against flu season’s unwelcome guests.

12. Savings Galore With CareCard

When it comes to your family’s health, financial concerns should be the last thing on your mind. CareCard gets it, and their prescription discount card is the much-needed antidote to budget woes during flu season. This card acts as a gateway to smart, cost-effective health management. The card grants you the ability to compare pharmacy prices, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck. In addition, it offers an array of free coupons and substantial discounts on a variety of medications. 

In the face of flu season, every penny saved on medications can be redirected towards other wellness endeavors, be it nutritious food or wellness products that boost immunity. When you take control of your healthcare budget with CareCard’s prescription discount card, you’re making a strategic move to safeguard your family without breaking the bank. Prepare to make germs regret ever messing with your family!

13. Hydrate Smarter, Not Harder With Nuun’s Electrolyte Tablets

Hydration is key to wellness, especially when grappling with colds or flu. Yet, plain water sometimes falls short of offering efficient hydration. Nuun’s electrolyte tablets come to the rescue, designed to replenish essential minerals that your body may lose during illness. It’s like giving water a promotion, turning it into a hydration powerhouse.

When you add one of these tablets to your water, you’re not just quenching your thirst; you’re bolstering your body’s ability to recover. During flu season, every little advantage counts. By optimizing hydration, you’re doing more than nurturing your body — you’re also keeping it well-primed to fight off germs and recover more swiftly from any illnesses that do manage to break through your defenses.

14. A Scent-sational Atmosphere With Young Living

The power of a healthy environment is often underestimated in the quest to repel germs. Young Living’s ultrasonic Desert Mist Diffuser serves a dual purpose: enhancing your home’s aesthetic while offering aromatherapy benefits. The sleek design resembles an elegant vase, which makes it a statement piece that enriches your living space, even while it’s promoting wellness for you and your family.

Aromatherapy can be a strong ally in the flu season battle, offering everything from stress relief to immune support. As your diffuser emits calming or invigorating scents, you’re embracing a holistic approach to health. It’s the finishing touch to your anti-germ strategy, making your home not just a sanctuary but also a fortress against colds and flu.

15. Keep Your Hands Clean With simplehuman’s Innovative Trash Can

Photo Source: simplehuman

Wave goodbye to those cringe-worthy moments of touching the trash can lid when you’re down with the sniffles! Crafted with the most durable materials, the sensor trash can from simplehuman showcases the epitome of meticulous engineering and innovative design, and makes avoiding cold and flu season that much easier.

Just think about it — how many times a day do you, your family, or your guests touch the trash can? What about all the germs that are no doubt accumulating on the lid just by virtue of it being for refuse? This marvel from simplehuman opens up at either the wave of your hand or the sound of your voice — no magic wand required, and no touching either! 

From its sleek, solid exterior to its uncanny ability to recognize your needs, every element of this trash can screams quality. The innovators at simplehuman put in hours of dedication to ensure you don’t just dispose of your waste but do it in style — without compromising your health. Perfect for flu season … Or every season!

Hasta La Virus, Baby

From cost-saving cards that make healthcare accessible to advanced hydration solutions and aromatherapy delights, these products do more than just mitigate symptoms. They can make your quest to dodge germs this cold and flu season genuinely a more enjoyable, luxurious experience. It’s easy to accept colds and flus as par for the course when it comes to cooler months, but with the right preparation and a little more attention paid to your body and its needs, you can get through the fall, winter, and beyond feeling your best and brightest with ease.



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