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How Combining Cannabis With Meditation Can Benefit Your Mental Health

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On one side, we have meditation, a very old practice used by people to search for quietude and relaxation. It’s not known when the concept was first put into practice but I can guarantee that it’s been a long time since then. No one even disputes the benefits that meditation can bring to your personal life anymore.

It can reduce your stress considerably, especially if it’s attached to a sense of anxiety when confronted with new or stressful situations. Meditation can also increase your self-awareness significantly, especially when tied to introspective thoughts. You’ll feel much more attuned to your thoughts and actions after meditating.

Cannabis, on the other hand, is still a debatable topic today, mainly due to its illegal status in most of the civilized world. The anecdotic evidence showing its benefits on the individual is not small, not by a long-shot. However, it’s somewhat less credible than scientific evidence and studies, of which there are considerably less. Still, there are a few studies that demonstrate cannabis can diminish anxiety and depression symptoms, regulate your mood and eating habits, and treat your pains and inflammation.

These are just a few of the known benefits of cannabis, though. Others include:

          Potential treatment for ADD and ADHD

         Slows the development of Alzheimer’s disease

         Helps with PTSD symptoms

        Regulates seizures

       Helps with cancer symptoms

       Improves lung capacity

However, even if you’re interested in the state of bliss and relaxation it can give you, cannabis is not unlike meditation. In fact, it could be said they’re two sides of the same coin. Clearly, combining them should lead to amplified results.

Strive for inner peace with meditation and cannabis

Mixing cannabis and meditation is not anything revolutionary. In fact, many consumers of cannabis often end up in a meditative state due to the highly psychoactive and comforting effects of cannabis. While some aren’t actively trying to meditate after smoking a few puffs, it just happens. Judging by what some of them say, this combination is a match made in Heaven.

The truth is that meditation isn’t exactly an easy process, not for everyone at least. You might simply be unable to enter a meditative state and calm your whirlwind of thoughts. It takes time to adjust your mind to that state of mindfulness, and perhaps you don’t have all that time to adjust. That’s where cannabis comes into play. Based on the source above, cannabis essentially intermediates and welcomes the state of meditation.

By acting on your endocannabinoid system and regulating your mood, the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant automatically pacify your mind. Your mind becomes more attuned to the quietude, to the natural order of things. This is necessary if you want to meditate for prolonged periods. Basically, consuming cannabis takes away the need to actively calm your thoughts before meditating.

The perfect cannabis strains for meditation

In choosing between Sativa cannabis strains and Indica cannabis strains, you should first know how your body reacts to more potent cannabis strains. While a high-THC strain will make you high enough to enter a pre-meditative relaxation and openness, too much can distract you. Consuming too much might even ruin your focus entirely, rendering any meditation attempts useless.

The benefits arising from combining mediation and cannabis are just more of the same you get from either activity. Both cannabis and meditation are extremely beneficial to your mental state, each promoting a state of relaxation, mindfulness, and bliss. While meditation is more sedative, cannabis can be euphoric and energetic (the Sativa cannabis strains are like that). However, an Indica solves that problem instantly.

With low THC levels and more CBD, Indicas should increase your meditative results multifold. Anxiety, depression and stress should be the first ones to go. Moreover, if you practice this combination long-term, you’re bound to become more self-aware and more attuned to the world around you. The calming effects of cannabis-strengthened meditation will eventually make you less prone to anxiety or fits of uncontrollable emotionality.

Pain regulation being of the best-known benefits of cannabis, you can imagine how meditation can help that process considerably. After all, intention is a key component of a perfect experience with cannabis. And intention arises from a focused process of visualization, which meditation can stimulate.


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