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How Does Moonstone Heal You?

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Moonstone is a common find in any spiritually inclined person’s house. This translucent stone comes in different colors, including grey, white, orange, green, blue, pink, and more. The gemstone has been around for the longest of times, and ancient Romans believed the sheen of the stone came from the moon itself. There were also beliefs that moonstone would attract love and fortune to the wearer. Moreover, it is also known for its healing properties, more of which will be covered later in the article.

Types of moonstones

Before looking at the healing properties of moonstones, let us look at the different moonstone varieties you will get at sites like Pratt Daddy.

  • White moonstone

Pearly white, this type of moonstone brings with it the hope and promise of the new moon. The stone can magnify emotions without compromising the balance.

  • Peach moonstone

Akin to the summer moons, peach moonstone washes away the anxiety and lights up the dark. Wear these to manage your stress management issues with ease.

  • Rainbow moonstone

This moonstone is rich in goddess energy and can be useful for gaining clarity and for lucid dreaming. Furthermore, the rainbow moonstone offers psychic protection.

  • Cat’s eye moonstone

The cat’s eye moonstone represents a balance of energy. It allows you to see patterns in life and to let go as you enter a gentle state of awareness.

  • Gray moonstone

Being one of the most mystic types of moonstone, this one allows you to see beyond the periphery, similar to the full moon on Halloween.

Healing properties of moonstones 

Moonstone takes you deeper into the waters of crystal healing. It brings light into your life and is connected to our emotions, the depths of our soul, the tides, and the light and dark. Thus, the healing properties of this stone range from physical to emotional and mental.

  • Physical healing

Moonstone is often associated with the goddess energy and the divine feminine. Thus, it is no surprise that women with fertility issues or PMS symptoms will find this gemstone soothing. This stone has a great impact on the reproductive organs and sets your body’s natural cycle straight. The result is milder symptoms of PMS and improved hormone balance.

Those with fertility issues will also find a great solution in this gemstone. Pregnant women benefit from moonstone as well. Parents-to-be may find themselves dealing with reduced discomfort during the term, unlike in normal conditions.

  • Mental and emotional healing

Ever felt your emotions run high during a full moon? Moon has an incredible way of affecting and heightening our emotions; moonstone is no different. It shines a light through the dark and maintains your emotional balance. When you wear moonstone jewelry or have the gemstone in your life, you are automatically linked to the universe, bringing your wild hormones in check.

In addition, moonstone represents change. Like the seasonal shifts of the moon, nothing is permanent in life, and this gemstone helps you truly accept the fact. It reminds you how cyclical the nature of life and seasons is important. With this stone, you will learn to embrace change rather than dissolve into overwhelm.


With their healing and soothing nature, moonstones can bring light and brightness into your life. Not only does it heal you physically, mentally, and emotionally, the gemstone also teaches valuable lessons like letting go of stress and anxiety. Therefore, people often use these stones in their daily wear jewelry like chains, rings, etc. Alternatively, you can keep them on your desk as a polished rock. However you use it, moonstone is set to bring changes into your life.



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