How To Take Control of Your Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Health

According to the World Health Organization, the newest definition of health is that it’s a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  

Being healthy means maintaining a perfect balance between all the factors determining your ability to think, act productively, feel good, and be happy. To be fully healthy, you need to pay attention to all the factors contributing to your overall life performance. These include your physique, plus spiritual and emotional well-being. 

Most of the studies show that an average American is not entirely healthy. If it is not for the physical aspects, their overall emotional states are not too good. No matter the other two, spirituality is the least developed aspect of most American’s lives. 

When aware of the importance of maintaining healthiness in all aspects, most people focus on one element and forget to take proper care of the other features. As a result, they tend to have a feeling of missing or lacking something.

Moreover, some people find that maintaining a healthy life and keeping the right balance between physical, emotional, and spiritual happiness is impossible. 

Rather than believing that keeping all aspects of life on a satisfying level is out of the question, people should focus more on how to do it. Nobody says it is easy to control spiritual physical and emotional health all at once, but at the same time, it is not unachievable. 

If you feel like you cannot handle it all yourself, there are always places such as Hotze health and wellness center that will gladly help you regain your inner balance. If you, however, believe in your self-discipline and controlling abilities, here are some tips that will make the task easier. 

Listen to Yourself

The overall health depends powerfully on how well you are listening to yourself. Self-care is one of the essential factors determining human well-being. 

Your body and mind are continually trying to tell you something. You might try to neglect all the signs your body and brain are sending you but don’t anticipate great results. 

Sometimes your body tells you that you need to rest. In other situations, your mind tells you you need to change the bad habits or leave a toxic relationship. While trying to go against yourself will do no good, you might benefit greatly from listening to these nonverbal signs. 

It may seem scary at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it and start seeing the tremendous outcomes, you will not want to go back to ignoring what your body and mind tell you. 

Get a Decent Amount of Sleep

Nothing helps your body recover and regain energy as much as sleep. 

Cutting back on sleep will lead to no positive results, no matter if you reduce it only by an hour, or decide not to sleep the whole night. 

Sleeping regularly 8 hours a night contributes to physical health, emotional well-being, and especially when it comes to your spiritual state. 

When sleeping, your brain processes all the information that it came across during the day. It manifests in the form of dreams. Despite the numerous experiments on dreams, it is still an unknown subject. However, for sure – the most challenging issues and essential ideas pop up in dreams. 

If you sleep well, you are likely to see a significant improvement in your spiritual state of being. 


You may think exercising and eating healthy foods will benefit only your physical health. While it inevitably will, there are more advantages to doing sports and maintaining a balanced diet. 

Have you ever experienced sudden feelings of joy and satisfaction after a workout? When you exercise, hormones called endorphins are released. They boost your mood, improve your overall emotional state in the long run, and positively affect your physical body. 

Moreover, most sports are played in teams or assume the presence of other people. Attending sports classes will help you develop a feeling of belonging to a particular community, contributing to emotional well-being. 


The positive spiritual, physical, and emotional state you are in can be together called general wellness. To maintain overall health, you should always be mindful of those three major factors. 

To improve your feelings, and in the long run, your life quality, you should always take a good night’s sleep, make friends while doing sports and listen to your body and mind. Establish how you feel in the moment and, in general, know what makes you happy and how to help yourself when you are not feeling well. 

That way, you will be able to gain control over your physicality, spirituality, and feelings. 


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