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Just Add Bacon!

Sailun Tires

Hard to resist that added crunch and flavour of adding bacon to just about anything.  It raises the burger to the highest level, it completes a Caesar salad, it delights a pizza and has been a perennial partner for eggs.  Loyal bacon foodies have stretched bacons’s limits with their imaginations finding more adventurous ways to enjoy it.

But is it time to put on the breaks?  Hold the hog?

The World Health Organization has just announced that eating processed meat, which includes bacon and ham, causes cancer.  Eating red meat has also been labelled a culprit….. Wait…. I can’t get that vision of the bacon-wrapped fillet mignon out of my mind.  How bad could it be?

The WHO (World Health Organization) has classified processed meat as “carcinogenic to humans” along with tobacco, mustard gas and formaldehyde.  The Washington Post reported that while other studies found ‘links’ between meats like bacon and cancer, this is the most prominent group to declare it a ’cause’.

Reactions to these revelations will probably vary from….’who cares..not giving up meat’  to a complete diet overhaul.  While the latter may be extreme, the former may be naive since the evidence is clearly there.  If nothing else, wisdom would dictate at least an evaluation of dietary habits.  If bacon and red meat are daily staples….these findings should warrant a caution.  If going veggie/vegan would make life not worth living….perhaps make an attempt to significantly reduce the culprit foods and use the opportunity to expand the palate and try different foods in different combinations.

You just might be surprised at how much better you feel.

“Hold that tofu quinoa salad with kale!  Almost done my yoga!”


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