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Manscaping’….A Necessary Evil

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It was l little over forty years ago that Burt Reynolds broke barriers and entered new territory by posing nude for COSMO.  There he was in all his glorious manly mane.  Hair was a sign of manliness….virility….reinforced by the old adage…”It will put hair in your chest”.

Fast forward to 2005.  The infamous waxing scene in The 40-Year Old Virgin had guys cringing and grabbing their chests the world over,

Fast forward 10 years…..with the likes of Magic Mike strutting that polished, chiseled, weed free bod…..manscaping is here to stay.  But where to begin?

Shaving is by far the easiest and cheapest in that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your bathroom.  That’s fine and dandy until we start moving below the belt.  Unless you are a will be difficult navigating some of the territory.

Nothing cleans it up better and faster than waxing.  Are men actually doing this?    According to Kimmie at Excellent Esthetics, today, 50 percent of her clientele is male.  They are coming on for back, chest and Brazilian.  ” Usually men are talked into it by their partner.” says Kimmie.  “Once they have it done, they like how it looks and feels and keep it up.”

What are most men concerned about before coming in?

There are 2 common concerns:
1. Pain
2.  What if something pops up?

Kimmie recommends numbing cream such as Emla that acts as a topical anaesthetic.  While it is painful the first few times… does get easier to tolerate.

As for the latter concern, Kimmie reassures their clients that the pain the first few times, will keep the sleeping tiger quiet.  After repeated visits, clients relax and it does happen.  Is it a problem?  “Not at all” says Kimmie.  In fact it makes it easier since the skin is taut.

Time and discretion are also important so appointments are available after hours and clients can be in and out in 15-20 minutes.  Shaving is not recommended to keep hair soft and supple and be sure to exfoliate to avoid ingrown hairs.

If the clean, buff look is not for you, laser will create a more natural look as it allows for thinning hair in areas of choice.  Laser is more expensive at 100-400 dollars a session and the sessions take longer.  The results, however, will be permanent over time requiring perhaps yearly touch ups.  Pain?  Oh yes!  It is stretched over longer periods as the laser moves over small areas destroying hair follicles.  Topical anaesthetic cream can also be used.

Whether it’s a little tweezing of the unibrow or a full out total body wax, you have to be comfortable in the skin you’re in. You have nothing to lose…except….. the HAIR.


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