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Unexpected Benefits of Reflexology

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Reflexology is a type of alternative medicine, it involves placing pressure on the reflex points of your hands and feet. These massages are administered without any lotion or oil and they simulate reflex points that are said to correspond to internal organs and improve their health. By stimulating these reflex points, you not only relieves stress, but help to foster a healthier body overall. Because reflexology helps improve poor circulation, it can be used to treat a number of health problems to include back pain, asthma, anxiety and migraines. There are a number of other unexpected help benefits as well. Here’s a list of some unexpected health benefits of reflexology.


Speed Healing

Reflexology has been shown to increase your metabolism, promote healthy circulation and stimulate your nerves and all these benefits speed up your healing process. In addition, the pain relieving benefits of reflexology allows patients to exercise and engage in physical therapy earlier than usual.


Increased Energy

By improving the function of your muscles and internal organs, boosting your metabolism and improving your circulation, reflexology also significantly increases your overall energy level. Reflexology also relieves stress and tension which can also improve your mood and leave you feeling energized as well.


Nerve Function

Nerve endings become less sensitive and harder to simulate as we grow older. In one reflexology session, thousands of nerve endings are stimulated which promotes healthy nerve function and sensitivity. This improves the function of your neural pathways which are an essential parts of your body’s healing process. Nerve endings are just like muscles working them out improves their strength and functionality.


Treats the Side Effects of Cancer

In many cases reflexology has proven to ease the side effects of cancer treatment particularly that of chemotherapy. Reflexology can relieve pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness. In addition it has also been shown decrease feelings of nausea.


Now that you know some of the unexpected benefits of reflexology be sure to book an appointment with a reflexology specialist in your area soon. And to locate a spa that offers reflexology services in your area, be sure to visit Groupon Pages.


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