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Mara’s Med Spa Develops Personalized Protocol, Reversing Effects of ED

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While the prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) tends to increase with age, it is not strictly an age-related issue.

At some point in their lives, men of all ages experience ED, which can have a profound rippling effect on their self-confidence, self-esteem, and intimate relationships. Addressing ED promptly through lifestyle changes, counseling, or medical treatments is essential to improve emotional and physical well-being. Medical esthetician Mara Pinney and Mara’s Med Spa understand the heart of the problem intimately, so they are revolutionizing the solution, using breakthrough, non-drug therapy with a 76% efficacy rate in treating ED.

Born in a small town in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Pinney grew up with limited resources and guidance. Issues with her physical appearance throughout her teen years and a lack of guidance on loving oneself resulted in immense insecurity. Capitalizing on a chance to live in Milan, she began looking for solutions to remedy her skin problems, ultimately leading to her attendance at an aesthetic school. Pinney leaped at the chance to obtain the knowledge and skills to help herself and others feel better about themselves. She quickly realized that quality skin care goes deeper than clearing acne scars. When one has confidence, they radiate assurance. They feel happier and treat others better, helping the entire world shine even brighter. Spreading confidence and happiness became her life’s mission — to help people look and feel their best and emanate their conviction, leading to the formation of Mara’s Med Spa.

Pinney established Mara’s Med Spa in the city of Dallas, TX, in 2017. The goal was to combine time-honored Brazilian disciplines, cutting-edge technologies, and leading scientific methodologies to bring a prestigious, relaxing full-body experience. With a decade of experience as a licensed laser technician and medical esthetician in the med spa field, she has now developed her protocol for treating ED. Mara’s unique procedure is based on shockwave therapy and crafted from the understanding that ED, typically caused by multiple factors, often results from a combination of physical, lifestyle, and psychological issues. Also known as Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), shockwave therapy is a non-invasive medical treatment that stimulates and promotes the natural healing processes within the body through acoustic waves. Recently, shockwave therapy gained immense popularity as a treatment option for ED, and many medical fields, such as urology, physical therapy, and orthopedics, use it.

The safe, comfortable shockwave therapy treatments utilized by Mara’s Med Spa are tailored to optimize sexual performance for men and reverse the effects of ED due to poor blood flow. Of course, at Mara’s Med Spa, it is understood that there are multiple causes of ED, but their longstanding shockwave treatment method is proving effective and managing the severe effects of ED on men. Mara’s Med Spa is poised to help men suffering from ED regain confidence and manage ED’s adverse physical, emotional, and psychological effects. 

What i would add here is: we costumize a perfect treatment therapy which includes Zwave shock therapy, exosomes and others therapies, to make sure we help our patients to achieve faster and better results, and this therapy not only target patients that have ED but, also is great for whom wants to performance their best or, to whom wants to prevent future sexual health issues.

I also want to educate them on what would be the benefits of getting preventive solutions and why they shouldn’t feel ashamed to look for the experts’ help. 

Benefits are; better erections, more sensitivity, helps with precoce orgasms’, no need for pills , spontaneous erections, more confidence in their sexual life.


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