More Men Should Consider Online Therapy

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The recent two years have caused emotional distress for people across the globe. Mental health issues are increasing in prevalence, and people need mental health care now more than ever. Men in particular struggle greatly dealing with their emotions due to stigmas associated with men and mental health.

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However, the recent popularization of online therapy due to lockdowns and social distancing guidelines has given men a unique opportunity to take care of their mental health discreetly and privately. This makes online therapy an excellent treatment option for men struggling with any level of emotional distress, and more men should consider attending online therapy to improve their well-being. Continue reading to discover the best online therapy option for men.

The Advent of Online Therapy

Online therapy has been around for several years, but only within the past two has it gained major notoriety. Online therapy recently became a necessity due to lockdowns and social distancing guidelines put in place by government health organizations. Although the switch to online therapy is out of necessity rather than intention, many patients prefer the online format for myriad reasons.

For one, online therapy does not require patients to leave the house, which can be a difficult–or inconvenient–task for therapy-goers. Attending therapy from the comfort of one’s home may make one more comfortable talking to their therapist. From both a logistical and psychological standpoint, online therapy makes sense for many patients and may induce more people to attend therapy compared to an in-person session.

Men and Mental Health

Men in particular often find it difficult to discuss their feelings. While men have much lower rates of attending therapy, rates of mental health disorders in men are said to be even higher than in women, although many conditions go undiagnosed and untreated.

Everyone deserves to have access to mental health care. Men, in particular, are taught from birth to have and show little emotion, often leading to low emotional intelligence, substance abuse, and depression. However, because of the stigma associated with men’s emotions, many men may feel reluctant to go to therapy. Therapy and other mental health care may be seen as a weakness, and make men feel like they aren’t strong enough to handle their emotions on their own. Developments in the world of mental health treatment such as online therapy, combined with changing attitudes about men and mental health can help men feel more comfortable receiving the medical treatment they deserve.

How Online Therapy Can Help Men

Online therapy, while helpful for many people for many reasons, is particularly helpful for men due to the reasons discussed above. Online therapy can give men the privacy they need to feel comfortable discussing their emotions. The format enables men to be treated from the comfort of their own home, without fear of judgment from the outside world. Online therapy is essentially anonymous in this way. Online therapy is a useful tool that can help men overcome their reluctance to attend therapy due to associated stigmas.

There are many options for online therapy. One of the most popular is BetterHelp, and another is TalkSpace. If you’re uncertain which may be the best option for you, read our article on BetterHelp vs. Talkspace.

Men deserve mental health treatment, now more than ever. Online therapy makes mental health care discreet, and easy, and more men should take advantage of the opportunity to improve their mental well-being during these difficult times.



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