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Must read tips to start Veg

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Most of these tips apply to everyone, not just vegetarians. They may seem trivial, but they
have been shown to work you will with no doubt begin to notice the difference coming in
your health.

Dark greens three times a week


These nutritional powerhouses are packed with vitamins like calcium and iron. On the run, or
do you hate spinach? Try drinking your green vegetables. There is another point that you can
focus on to get your veggies is to add an amount of handful of spinach leaves to your regular

B12 vitamin supplement

Try to include nutritional yeast in your diet regularly, especially if you are vegan or primarily
vegan. For all the vegetarians don’t need to worry about vitamin B12 as you will quickly get a
lot of it, but vegans need to be careful to make sure they get a source of vitamin B12. Many
products, like soy milk and veggie burgers, are fortified with vitamin B12, so read them.

Keep yourself hydrated

Most people don’t drink enough (and even if you think you’re drinking enough, you probably
aren’t, especially if you’re trying to regain health and lose unhealthy habits). Whenever you
go outside, take a bottle of water with you every time. If you are worried about weight gain,
start Paleo diet for weight loss. Here is the ultimate guide for Paleo diet.

Specifically, drinking plenty of water helps prevent food cravings before they happen. Drink
more water than you think you need and get into the habit of drinking in the morning.
One raw vegetable a day

One raw vegetable a day

It is not that thoughtful but, although we eat a lot of fresh veggies, many times, we don’t
always get fresh, raw produce in our diet, which means we’re missing something! You will
likely get a lot of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables some days, but there are likely to be many
days when you have absolutely none. To lose weight both Vegan and plant-based diet. To
choose one of this diet is tough. Check this comparison for better understanding.
Try eating an apple in the morning to eliminate it. Or keep baby carrots on hand to snack on
and add a raw green salad to breakfast each day.

Reduce your intake of refined sugar

If you are very into sweets, try to keep it under control by using sugar substitutes like brown
rice syrup, stevia, and agave nectar whenever possible (such as in coffee and tea) and sticking
to refined products only occasionally.
Also, try to avoid processed foods that contain high fructose corn syrup. If you start reading
labels, you might be surprised to find that this highly processed sweet junk fits in just about
everything, from things that should be healthy, like whole-wheat bread and even hummus, to
just about everything, what comes in a bottle, including barbecue sauce and salad dressings.

Keep your favourite salad dressings on hand

You are much more likely to eat your veggies or certain vegetables raw when your favorite
salad dressings are in the refrigerator. A little variety is great too – try to keep at least two
types, store-bought or homemade. Some favorites are the homemade goddess dressing, the
Thai peanut sauce from my local Asian store, and the raspberry vinaigrette. A vegan ranch
dressing also comes in handy when you’re trying to cut down on dairy.


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