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Supplements 101: What to Look Out For

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When thinking of gym supplements, the majority of people will visualize big jars of creatine or whey protein. However, there are other substances you can take in order to enhance your performance and get the most out of your workouts. One of the most controversial drugs that health officials and muscle heads are still on the fence about is SARMs. Short for selective androgen receptor modulators, these novel products are considered to be some of the most effective muscle growth stimulators out there.
The most popular SARMs have shown to be much safer than anabolic steroid cycles when used to achieve significant muscle growth in brief periods. They have been clinically proven to show little to no side effects, and the RAD 140 dosage (one of the most popularized variations of SARMs) needed to yield results is much lower than in the case of other similar substances.
Your exercise benefits will be noticeable not too long after the beginning of your supplement cycling experience with RAD 140 or any other SARM. As opposed to injecting testosterone or other, potentially threatening anabolic steroids, these modulators are not a threat to your health if you use them in the right way and the correct dosages.
What are the Best Supplements for Beginners?

If you’re entirely new to the world of bodybuilding and working out in general, you shouldn’t jump straight onto a SARM cycle. First off, it will require everyday commitment to be appropriately utilized. Secondly, as a beginner, your body might not be ready to interact with these compounds. You need to be in shape to start using these, with prime bone health and muscle tissue. Otherwise, you might end up regretting your choices. As for the supplements you should be ingesting for starters, consider pre-workout mixtures such as creatine or whey protein. Additionally, make sure you’re also taking in loads of amino acids, whether from fish oil or other sources, to boost your immune system and keep your body ready for action. Having an isotonic sports drink, such as Gatorade at the ready when you’re done working out, might also be a good idea. Finally, don’t fall for the trap of thinking that energy drinks (Monsters, Red Bulls, and the works) are going to pump you out for an extra-effective session. They hike up your blood sugar, meaning that the price you pay for the brief boost is a brutal comedown not long afterward. If you hold your body parts in any regard, don’t include these drinks in your set of pre-workouts.
SARMs and Safety Concerns
When considering getting on the SARM cycle, you might have already come across a lot of concerning information about testolone and its counterparts. While it is true that they are not approved by the FDA for ingestion just yet, they have been clinically tested and proven not to cause harm to users. This doesn’t mean that they carry any health benefits along, but if you’re worried about potential hazards, your mind should be at ease. The side effects that can occur in certain cases are mild enough and are most often limited to a deeper voice and infrequent, light headaches. Because of how RAD 140 and other SARMs interact with your blood vessels, you may experience increased blood pressure as a side effect, as well. Compared to the dangers of using testosterone and the wide plethora of anabolic steroids that are available on the black market, SARMs are relatively harmless. However, subjecting them to heavy testing and keeping these substances under a tight check by regulatory agencies may be a good idea to ensure the users’ safety.
What to Expect When on a SARM Cycle
The main goal of any supplement cycling is to improve one’s physical condition much quicker than usual. Generally, a SARM cycle should not be longer than 12 weeks. A ten- week cycle is optimal, with the minimum threshold being eight weeks, if you want to experience the full effects. The main advantages of these substances are identical to the more harmful, anabolic cycles: rapid muscle growth and body fat shredding. As opposed to their illegal counterparts, SARMs are non-hormonal, which means that they are not negatively impacting your body’s makeup of hormones, and therefore do not affect your behavior in any way. Keep in mind that once you’re on the cycle, you need to stay on track every day, if you want to achieve your goals.
Final Thoughts
If you’re planning to take part in an official bodybuilding competition or any related sports event, such as the Olympics, do not use SARMs! Because they are anabolic in nature, they are not allowed in these types of events. Additionally, remember not to take your supplement cycles lightly. These chemicals are not something you would normally take in, and as such, they need to be used with appropriate precautions. You don’t want to end up one of these people they show on TV as examples of the dangers of bad supplementing practices.


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