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Sleep and your Physical Health

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Sleep is such an integral part of life that it is often taken for granted. Most people understand that adequate sleep is needed to perform well at school and work. However, lack of sleep can have even more dire consequences. Research has shown a link between lack of sleep and serious health problems. Getting to bed early in a comfortable bed with high quality bedding, like the one from from Guzel Dezayns, Ralph Lauren or even Canada’s newest’s bedding additon, Endy, can help you get the rest you need.

As work continues to chip away at leisure time, many people find they are trading sleep for work, getting housework done, or spending time with loved ones. Around the world, lack of sleep has reached epidemic proportions. Several things interfere with sleep, including busy schedules that do not allow enough time for sleep and difficulty falling or remaining asleep. If you want to make your bedroom an oasis for sleep, the luxury bedding collections at Guzel Dezayns ( are designed for comfort. Another great newly released option is The Endy Sheets, made from 480 thread count, and 100% sateen weave cotton. Not only is a soft touch important for comfort, but also a well fitted sheet that won’t roll up when you sleep — and these options do just that. 



Health Risks of Lack of Sleep

The worldwide sleep deprivation problem is much more serious than merely feeling drained the following day. Scientists have discovered a definitive link between sleep loss and a wide variety of health problems. Lack of sleep has been linked to cancer, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, and poor mental health.

There are many factors in modern society that contribute to people not getting enough sleep. Working more hours, longer commuter times, anxiety, and even too much light in the bedroom and using smartphones at night all contribute to lack of sleep. It isn’t just a periodic lack of sleep, but has become an ongoing problem with people failing to get enough sleep over long periods of time.

Current recommendations from researchers and medical professionals is eight hours of sleep each night. When people understand the urgency of getting enough sleep, it is easier to prioritize it. Make your bedroom a haven for rest by choosing lighter, neutral colours for the bedroom to produce a calming effect. Select calming colours for everything from the paint on the walls to comfortable and beautiful bedding sets.

The right designer bedding does more than just make your bedroom look great. Shop for embroidered bedding sets that are designed with soft, cotton material in a high thread count. Quality bedding creates a relaxing atmosphere that induces sleep, allowing you to get the rest needed for better health and wellness.


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