Tips to Protecting Yourself From Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections can creep in during any weather season. The cold during the rainy season makes bacteria multiply tremendously, while the heat during the sunny season causes sweating, and dirt can quickly build up around your genitals.

How can you protect yourself from these infections? Even though some of these infections occur due to sexual intimacy, other factors like poor genital hygiene can also lead to a urinary tract infection. Here is how you can prevent these infections:

Regular Urological Examinations

Do not wait until you detect a urinary tract symptom before booking a visit to a urologist for examinations. Regular urological examinations can play a significant part in helping you understand how to care for the genital area.

These visits also create a good chance of detecting the infections earlier on. Everyone understands how challenging it can be to deal with an overstayed urinary tract infection. Therefore, the earlier they get caught, the easier it is to fight them.

Urologists can also spot signs of more severe diseases like prostate cancer early on and help you fight against them.

Most people do not understand the correct ways to use when handling these diseases. It is the reason why in some cases, your infections may worsen because of ignorance. The advice you get from your doctors can help you use proper methods of preventing any illnesses.

Drink Enough Water

Hydrating can help you flush out any toxins from the body. It is also an effective way of diluting your urine to a less acidic condition to eradicate any irritation or pain. Enough water in your body can also increase the urge to urinate, which is good for your urinary tract health.

Maintain Genital Hygiene

Your genital hygiene is essential to keep away any infections. Regular showers are the primary step in enhancing your hygiene in the genital area.

A good shower in the morning and evening has never hurt anyone! However, it can help you get rid of the dirt that accumulates in the genital area when you sweat during the night or day.

Shaving your genital area can also contribute to cleanliness. Excess hair may hold onto dirt and make it difficult to clean the area well. However, if you find a better technique to clean it perfectly with hair on, that will be good for you.

Some cleaning products can also be irritating to your genital area. Therefore, you should be careful about the products you use. Scented powder, deodorants, and skip douches can irritate your genitals.

Use Antibiotics

Antibiotic drugs can also be used to prevent these infections in people who have frequently experienced them. The drugs can boost your immune system against infections.

Some common antibiotics recommended by doctors include estrogen, antimicrobial prophylaxis, and postcoital prophylaxis. If the infection recurs due to sexual activities, taking these drugs as prescribed can boost your protection.

Use a Clean Washroom

A dirty toilet can contribute to urinary tract infections, especially in women. It would be best if you considered using a clean bathroom to avoid dirt from splashing on your skin.


The struggle against urinary tract infections can cause stress among people, especially if they keep recurring. The primary way of preventing these infections is by improving your genital hygiene.


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