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Unlock Your Full Potential with Troscriptions

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Imagine your life filled with
More energy… 
More focus…
More calm…
Really breathe that in for a second (or 5).

Feels pretty awesome right? 

Welcome to Troscriptions (Tx), a rapidly growing company founded by four physicians and a team of practitioners with a mission to help you reach your full potential with their novel “cheat codes” called buccal troches. 

Buccal what? Let us explain! 


A buccal troche is a small dissolvable lozenge placed between your upper cheek and gums.

In contrast to a capsule or tablet, the ingredients are directly absorbed into the cheek mucosa. This leads to a more reliable and faster onset of action.

This is true for two reasons. 

First, it can take up to two hours for pills and capsules to start working. If you’ve ever taken a cannabis edible, didn’t “feel anything” so you decided to take more, and then found yourself so high you couldn’t move, you know what we mean. Buccal troches from Troscriptions start working in 15 to 30 minutes every single time so this is never an issue. Plus, you can easily titrate and optimize your dose (more on this later).

Second, the ingredients in capsules and tablets can lose up to 90% of their potency when digested. That’s uncool. Buccal troches, in contrast, lose none of their potency. 

It’s time for the main event. Enter the carefully calibrated, easily titrated, and pharmaceutical grade buccal troches by Troscriptions.

Warning. Some of their novel ingredients may shock you. 

Blue Cannatine (The ADHD Buster)

Blue Cannatine is one of the most novel nootropics (i.e. brain enhancing formulas) on the planet. If you’re ready to rip off those cobwebs and launch your productivity, focus, and flow, Blue Cannatine is what you’ve been waiting for.  

Blue Cannatine contains a novel combination of low-dose (and pharmaceutical-grade) nicotine (yes, nicotine), caffeine, CBD, and methylene blue. Although not well known, it is very important for you to know that nicotine when NOT vaped, smoked, used with other additives, and used at very low doses, is a fantastic nootropic, proven to enhance cognition, verbal fluidity, recall, and short-term memory.

Enjoy a smooth ramp-up to launch over 15 to 30 minutes and, after about 3 to 5 hours of feeling basically limitless, you’ll have an easy comedown without a crash.

Put simply: Shut ADHD down. Show up and crush it. 

Shop Troscriptions Blue Cannatine

Tro Calm (Stress-no-more)

Tro Calm is your anti-stress and anti-anxiousness remedy. Formulated with a novel combination of Kava, B3GABA, CBD, and CBG, Tro Calm will take the edge off a stressful day, quiet the mind, and help you fall asleep (especially if your mind is racing). 

Kava and B3GABA increase the neurotransmitter GABA in your brain. GABA is responsible for calming neuron firing and chilling you out. CBD and CBG are both nonpsychoactive cannabinoids from the hemp plant that decrease anxiety,  protect your brain, and much more.

The brass tax: Tro Calm contains ingredients similar to benzodiazepines like valium without the potential for tolerance, withdrawal, and dependence when used as directed.

Mic drop.

Shop Troscriptions Tro Calm

Just Blue (Energy + Resilience)

Just Blue is Troscriptions’ daily health optimization formula for more energy and resilience. It contains 16mg of one of the coolest compounds on the planet: Methylene Blue 

Methylene Blue increases energy production in your mitochondria (the powerhouses of your cells), increases the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine that lift your mood, and it is a powerful antioxidant.

Clear your brain fog, decrease inflammation, increase endurance, upgrade your memory, and much more.

You need some loving. So do your mitochondria! Take care of your mental health. 

Shop Troscriptions Just Blue

Find your optimal dose

All Tx from Troscriptions are carefully calibrated and scored for easy titration. Start with ¼ to ½ troche and titrate up from there until you reach your optimal dose. 

And #buccalup: Unlike Blue Cannatine and Tro Calm which are best absorbed via the buccal mucosa, you can swallow Just Blue like a tablet because methylene blue is highly bioavailable / well absorbed / highly effective any way you take it.

And now some party tricks…

Blue is the New Smart 

Party trick #1:  Your tongue will turn blue when you take Blue Cannatine and Just Blue. That may be a downside for some, but, as they say at Troscriptions, Blue is the New Smart. 

Party trick #2:  Methylene Blue also concentrates in the urine so your urine will be slightly blue to very blue when you take Blue Cannatine or Just Blue. This is a benign effect but it can be shocking if you’re not prepared for it.

Are you ready? 

Don’t wait. 

Don’t pass go.

It’s time to see what these products can truly do for you and feel the enhancements we all need in our daily life.

And there is no doubt that your focus, energy, and chill are about to get a serious upgrade with Troscriptions products.

Go to to grab some now. 



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