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Vegan Hemp Products That Are Actually Worth It

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Everyone is familiar with the frequently depressing vegan alternatives of many products.

Despite how common veganism is these days, a lot of manufacturers still don’t make good quality vegan alternatives.

This is something that is especially true in the world of hemp oil products. Despite the sheer variety of different hemp products available, there simply is not a very good range of vegan options.

However, all hope is not lost. Vegans can find what they are looking for if they search hard enough. There are indeed a few good-quality vegan hemp products out there.

Making up an almost forgotten area of the hemp industry, do these vegan products live up to the same standards as other popular items, and are they really worth trying?

What Are Vegan Hemp Products?

The idea of a vegan hemp product might seem pretty strange to non-vegans. Surely all hemp is vegan?

Well, a big part of being a vegan is conscious of everything that goes into their body. This doesn’t just include foods and drinks, but also supplements, medications, and the products that they apply to their outer body. The strictest of vegans go so far as not to wear or use anything that contains animal byproducts.

These criteria for what is deemed to be vegan friendly and what is not rules out a surprising number of hemp products for vegans. In order to qualify as a vegan product, it must meet a few parameters. This includes not containing animal-derived ingredients such as gelatin, but also a few things that are much less obvious.

The methods used during manufacturing cannot involve animals, including the growing and farming techniques used. Generally, vegan also means cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

What Vegan Hemp Products Are Available?

Finding vegan hemp products that meet every criterion can be tricky, but luckily, there are several brands that have noticed this gap in the market and are starting to fill it. Premium Jane is an excellent example of a brand that goes the extra mile to make sure that its products are vegan-friendly.

Hemp oils tinctures are perhaps one the most accessible vegan hemp products to find, mainly due to the fact that tinctures contain a minimal list of ingredients. Most hemp oils are made of a base formula that includes just hemp extract and vegetable-based carrier oil. Typically, coconut or hemp seed is used as a base for tinctures, both of which are suitable for vegans.

Other areas of the hemp industry, such as edibles and cosmetics, are not entirely as vegan-friendly.

Hemp gummies are one of the trickiest products to find,  as one of the most common base ingredients in gummies is often animal gelatin. This does not mean it is impossible, and thanks to brands like Premium Jane, there are several hemp gummies suitable for vegans that will not disappoint.

How to Tell if a Hemp Product Is Suitable for Vegans

It is not always clear whether or not a hemp product is vegan. There are, of course, those brands that have picked up on the need for vegan hemp products and therefore heavily market the fact that their products are vegan.

However, this is not always the case, and with some products, it takes reading through their long ingredient lists and descriptions into order to discover that they are actually vegan.

A good way of guaranteeing a product is made using vegan methods is to check the product’s lab test results. These reports give a detailed breakdown of everything that has gone into the products and a firm answer as to whether they are actually vegan.

Are Vegan Hemp Products as Good as Other Hemp Products?

Many vegans might wonder if the extra effort required to find suitable hemp products is worth it and whether these products are worth the often higher price tag.

The short answer is yes. On the surface, most vegan hemp products are the same as other popular hemp products, with the only real difference being that they are entirely animal-free.

Vegan hemp gummies contain natural fruit and vegetable extracts, giving them a deliciously sweet flavor. The lack of animal gelatin does not result in less flavor or a worse texture because fruit pectin is used as a replacement.

Equally, vegan hemp cosmetics and creams deliver the same deeply hydrating effects that almost all other creams and balms manage to achieve.

Whether a strict vegan or simply someone looking to cut back on the number of animal products in their diet, vegan hemp products are definitely worth checking out.


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