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Five Effective Ways To Deliver Nutrients and Vitamins To The Body

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Supplements containing vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients come with many delivery mechanisms. While each has its advantages and disadvantages, some remain more effective than others. After weighing the pros and cons, the other consideration when choosing which method to use is a matter of personal preference.

Undoubtedly, the best way to ingest vitamins and nutrients is by eating food rich in them. However, with today’s fast-paced lifestyle, few people consume enough of these necessary substances as part of their daily diet. That’s why manufacturers produce supplements to augment consumers’ natural intake.

Companies like SuperSmart offer a full range of original and effective nutritional supplements which should be part of everyone’s supplementation regimen.

Here are some ways you can get these additional vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into your body.

IV treatments

IV treatments are by far the most efficient way to deliver vitamins into your body, as they enter your bloodstream and get to work right away. Companies like Drip Hydration, Event Scan, Color, and Global 7 Diagnostics offer a range of supplement IV treatments.

IV treatments bypass your digestive system, which most other supplements rely on as part of their delivery process. Any IV therapy must be administered by a professional healthcare worker as it entails inserting a needle into a vein. Various IV treatments are packed with vitamins that support your immune system in its quest to defeat attacks by foreign substances, such as bacteria and viruses.

Monoclonal IV therapy

Monoclonal IV therapy is advised for patients who have tested positive for Covid and are at high risk to develop complications or require hospitalization. It is appropriate for vaccinated and unvaccinated patients and works by reducing their viral load and symptom severity. This treatment is FDA EUA approved and introduces antibodies into your system to help your immune system fight off a Covid infection.

For anyone seeking a Miami monoclonal IV, a private medical service can send professionals directly to you at your home or another preferred location. This makes treatment as convenient as it is discreet.

Capsules and tablets

People with a pronounced fear of needles prefer to swallow their supplements. They have a choice of capsules and tablets when selecting supplements for oral ingestion. Most experts argue that capsules are faster-acting than tablets. As soon as a capsule enters the digestive tract, its outer shell breaks down, delivering its contents to your stomach.

Tablets need extra time to dissolve before releasing their ingredients into the digestive system. In both a tablet and capsule, the substances they contain are powdery substances.

Softgels, on the other hand, are comprised of liquid or oil-based nutrients packed inside a gelatin covering. The digestive system breaks a softgel’s gelatin shell down easily, releasing its contents into the stomach, where it is processed and distributed to the body.

Chewables and lozenges

Many users do not like swallowing tablets, capsules, or softgels. They may find swallowing them uncomfortable or difficult. Fortunately, there are other options at their disposal.

Chewables are an effective way of delivering their contents to your digestive system as they are already broken down to some degree during the chewing process. The second you start chewing, your digestive system primes itself for action, awaiting the arrival of what you swallow.

Lozenges can be chewed or sucked, with the latter being more effective. When a lozenge dissolves in your mouth, it interacts with salivary enzymes that commence the digestive process. Lozenges are typically flavored to taste appetizing, with many manufacturers relying on natural ingredients to enhance their flavor.


Users of powdered supplements should consult the directions for use before trying them. Very rarely are they supposed to be placed directly into the mouth.

In most cases, a powdered supplement should be dissolved in water or another liquid, such as a smoothie. Avoid using warm fluids as they break down a nutrient powder’s contents before it reaches the digestive system.

Powdered supplements are quickly digested and broken down. Users can also easily adjust their dose, a process more complicated when using capsules, pills, softgels, chewables, and lozenges.


Many nutrient supplements come in liquid form, which is especially valuable for younger children who have not mastered swallowing a solid or are at risk of choking on a lozenge. Drinking a supplement in liquid form promotes quick absorption of its contents.

As with powders, using liquids makes it easier to adjust a dose, should you only want to consume half a dose. While some people prefer drinking the liquid as-is, others will add it to a beverage for consumption.

Liquids get into your body’s bloodstream more efficiently than solids, despite also needing to go through the digestive system. Many people prefer them due to their palatable taste.


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