Where to Buy Insulin Online?

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Diabetes mellitus is a dangerous health issue that can noticeably affect one’s life quality if not treated on time. Thankfully, today there are plenty of medication variations that are able to help with proper blood sugar control effectively. And if the types of insulin are different, one thing stays the same – the price. It is a well-known fact that insulin costs in the USA are a lot higher than in any other country. Some people may even call them ridiculous; think about it, the price is four-five times higher – who can afford that?

That’s why individuals search for suppliers abroad more and more often, and Canada is their number-one choice. By calculating everything, we can see that if people purchase, for example, at Insulin.Store, the cost will still be much lower than in America (even after shipping).

So, let’s have a closer look at where patients typically buy insulin and what are the best options to save money. Continue reading to learn together.

Primary Information About the Diabetes Medication

Insulin medications are vital for people who live with diabetes mellitus of both types. With the help of the injectable, it becomes possible to regulate blood sugar control in the body and readjust excessive glucose from the bloodstream to body cells; in this way, it can be turned into energy for an individual later.

Depending on the type of the drug, the frequency of administration, dosage, and general recommendations for the usage may vary. Of course, this type of medicine belongs to the prescription ones, so they cannot be sold without the doctor’s recommendations about the patient’s health condition.

What types of insulin are available to treat diabetes?

As it was already mentioned, insulin prescription medications are available in different variations, dosages, and forms, so it is crucial to have a talk with a specialist to choose the best one for an individual.

There are a few types of insulins based on their action time, namely:

  • Rapid-acting;
  • Short-acting (which is also called regular insulin);
  • Intermediate;
  • Mixed;
  • Long-acting.

The form of the medication is chosen together with a doctor after figuring out which one will be the most comfortable for self-administration:

  • Insulin syringes;
  • Insulin pens;
  • Insulin pumps;
  • And so on.

And of course, let’s not forget about all available brands on the market, like Lantus, Humulin, Humalog, Novolog, and others. They vary based on the needed dosage for glucose levels, insulin manufacturers, and, of course, price. Once again, we would like to remind you that the right type may only be picked together with a medical professional.

Main Options to Buy Insulin for Blood Sugar Control

Nowadays, there are a few available ways of ordering insulin drugs, both brand names and generic forms. The most common ones are surely local pharmacies and online suppliers. These two variants demand prescriptions from doctors and cannot be purchased without their valid recommendations.

Local pharmacy

The first option is typically picked because of the convenience and safety in general. People may enjoy the following benefits by choosing local pharmacies:

  • Reliability. A lot of patients don’t trust online suppliers because there are many scammers out there; you’ll never know who wants to fool you. When buying meds locally, there are no such worries;

  • No delivery delays. Insulin and other medications can sometimes arrive late because of the shipping problems in the post office. By purchasing those in the pharmacy, you become your own delivery service and don’t need to be worried that your drugs arrive late.

And even though there are a few pros, there is one main con – the price drug companies made insanely high for people with diabetes. Insurance coverage doesn’t work for some types of medicines, discount cards and savings programs won’t make the price more affordable for a person with an average salary. That’s why more and more individuals prefer buying insulin online.


Lower costs are not the only reason why do people choose online services and suppliers to stock on their life-saving medications. However, it is one of the main ones:

  • Affordable insulin prices. Most online suppliers abroad offer a retail price, which is more beneficial compared to the ones available in America;

  • Delivery to the address. Online shopping is something more people prefer nowadays, considering the new reality we live in right now. Who said insulin could not be purchased in the same way?

  • Great variety of products. If something is out of stock in the local pharmacy, it won’t magically appear on the shelf just because you need that. Speaking about online pharmacies, most insulins are available there, and you always have a few variants to buy from.

Note: Canadian pharmacies offer four-five lower costs compared to the US prices even after including the shipping. That’s why more individuals pick ordering abroad nowadays.

The Bottom Line

It is possible to buy insulin medications for better blood sugar control both offline and online, but more and more people nowadays prefer the online method as it is easier and faster. Moreover, it provides patients with the option of purchasing drugs abroad, which is really great for those who would like to save some money on their meds.

Hopefully, now you understand this process better and can choose the best option for your case. Thank you for reading!


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