Why Running Is Great For Women

When it comes to exercise, it’s no secret women have to work harder compared to men.

Women, in general, have a high percentage of body fat ratio at about 20 to 25%. 

While men have to maintain a percentage of 10 to 15% of healthy body fat. 

Exercise and a healthy diet are still the best way to counteract weight gain and underlying health conditions.

Women would benefit greatly from weight lifting, pilates or yoga, and running.

What are the benefits of running? 

Running is beneficial to women in many ways compared to other forms of cardio.

If correctly taught the correct running methods to avoid injury, building muscle and toning your abnormal muscles and legs are simple.

There were scientific studies on the improvements and benefits of a woman’s body when running regularly. 

  • Running helps with a longer life; research states that running can add about three extra years to your life. Where 45% of the individuals in the study avoided death from heart attacks or strokes with running, the ability to increase blood flow regularly to the heart increases your metabolic equivalents ( METs).

  • Better Rest is another great benefit for women, improving sleep patterns and increasing concentration and productivity. Having a restful amount of sleep from 6 to 8 hours a night can maximise your athlete performance. Lastly, It not only helps us deal with stress, but we are also in better moods.

    • Weight loss is another bonus, why running is so effective. You can build muscle and speed up your metabolism, including keeping the weight off. When you run consistently, you burn about 100 calories each mile, 3 miles three days a week. With an estimated amount of 1,350 calories burned for the week.

  • Mental health is a significant mention on this list. Studies show women suffer from different forms of mental health issues—for example, postpartum depression and menopause, which put women at a higher risk. Running gives women an outlet to calm their anxieties and focus on themselves. In return, you are lessening the feelings and emotions of loneliness and isolation when a consistent running schedule is in place.

  • A positive self-image, of course, an active lifestyle can lead to a better physical appearance—the journey towards losing the excess pounds and the goals you continue to reach. You will feel more confident in yourself than the number on the scale. Running takes practise, with learning the correct techniques and having the right professionals lead you on your way towards a better you. It’s no secret that you will start to see yourself in a positive light.

source: pxhere.com

Final Thought

Running or training at a running school is an exciting activity and pastime if you have the opportunity to have someone teach you how to run or just show you the basics. 

Taking care of your mental well-being and health is so essential; take the time to invest in yourself.

Author Bio:

Monique is a writer who resides in the Sunshine State of Florida. She is working for Pearl Lemon Leads. She’s passionate about her family and helping others. Her hobbies included using her Canon Rebel to snap pictures of the world and teaching English as a second language for fun.


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