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What Times of Day Do People Watch Adult Webcams the Most?

Sailun Tires

Everyone watches porn (even if they don’t admit to it), but each person has their own unique habits when it comes to what people watch what videos, and at which time of time.

Thankfully, society is starting to accept pornography watching, as a healthy aspect of one’s life. Of course, as with all things, overdoing it can lead to problems. But most people have absolutely nothing to worry about or be ashamed of when it comes to their porn-watching habits.

Pornography and masturbation are becoming more acceptable and less taboo.

With the new wave of mental health awareness sweeping across the world, a whole new element of mental health is being finally getting the attention it deserves. Science shows us that masturbation is actually good for our mental well-being, as it works as a kind of all-natural stress reliever, and helps boost our moods and our self-confidence.


It’s no surprise then, that during the peak of the pandemic, some of the world’s top adult entertainment sites, reported a massive spike in porn consumption, all around the world If this doesn’t prove that masturbation helps us to distress, I don’t know what will.

But the stress wasn’t the only factor at play that made everyone hornier than usual during the COID-19 lockdowns. Being lonely also has a major role in this.

With so many people being locked at home and without human interaction, physical touch, or romance, many people decide to push the limits and try something that they have never tried before.

The rise of adult webcams 

Many people realized that tradition, prerecorded porn, just wasn’t doing it for them anymore. Due to this newfound boredom, many decided to experiment with adult webcams, creating a new wave of live porn fans. 

Adult webcam models benefited from this rush of live cam popularity, as it helped them stay afloat financially during one of the strangest years in recent memory (2020). 

But it wasn’t just the adult webcam models that benefitted. It was also the viewer, themselves, that saw a dip in loneliness and a renewed feeling of connection with others.

Adult webcam porn, isn’t the same as traditional porn. The element of live interaction completely changes the experience and many people, often, feel more connected to the models they watch while masturbating. And it’s usually a mutual masturbation session, as one of the most common requests that adult webcam models get, is to pleasure themselves in front of the camera.

What times do people in the USA watch adult webcams the most?

So now, finally, let’s go over the steamy details, as to when people in America watch adult webcams the most.

Although watching porn shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, it is still considered a personal and private act. So of course, most people will watch adult webcams when they get a chance for a bit of privacy, usually at the end of the day.

Or so one would think. But people’s unique porn watching habits are stranger than you may have thought.

In New York, the peak time for people to spend money on adult webcam sites is 4 am on Saturday mornings.

And if that’s not strange enough for you, take a look at Mississippi. 

Apparently, Mississippians like to watch your adult webcam content at 3 am on Monday nights of all nights.

And of all 50 states, the evergreen state of Oregon, ranked number one for the shortest amount of time watching porn on average. They get the job done quickly, what can we say?

Ironically, one of the top blogs about live sex cams is based in PDX; that is of course Maybe those pervs know something we don’t since that’s all they cover.

Where in the world do people watch the most porn?

There’s a reason the United States was mentioned above. It’s the number one porn watching nation in the whole world. 

According to year in review data, the United States alone brought in nearly 40 percent of the site’s traffic. Following the US, is the UK followed by Canada, India, Japan, France, Germany, Australia, and Italy.

But the list didn’t stop there. Nations, all over the globe, have an ever-increasing number of porn watchers. Hopefully by normalizing porn watching, even if it is at strange hours of the night or morning, we can get rid of the stigma surrounding it.

Final thoughts

Humans are hard-wired for human connection. And since science has proven that a healthy amount of masturbation can improve one’s mental health, there’s no reason not to normalize the use of adult webcams even further.


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