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Is camming and sex video chat cheating?

Sailun Tires

Many people have asked the question of whether camming is cheating because there are many grey areas between what is cheating and what isn’t. That is because the word cheating is vaguely polysemy.

What couple A may see as cheating, couple B may see it as a way of enhancing sexual satisfaction. So, it is pretty difficult to singularly define infidelity or what is considered cheating.

People think differently about what they see as appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. But a large number of people don’t see camming or watching live sex video chat as a form of cheating. When you even come to think of it, most couples watch camming and sex video chat together. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t see their partner having sex with others as cheating or making out with others as cheating. So, the question now is why you shouldn’t see camming as cheating. 


Reasons sex video chat and watching camgirls shouldn’t be considered cheating 

Sex video chat and watching camgirls is not cheating. The smartest thing to do if you don’t feel secure about your spouse watching porn is to have a clear and truthful conversation with them. But the truth is that you shouldn’t feel emotionally or mentally down because your spouse is watching camgirls. After all, these camgirls don’t want to keep your spouse.

Learn more about sex 

One of the reasons sex videos chat and watching camgirls isn’t cheating is because it is a way of learning new things. Some couples watch these sex videos together to find out more about themselves. Watching camgirl sex video chat can help you and your spouse figure out other sexual fantasies and fetishes that turn you guys on, other than what you already know. Sadly, not all couples can have an open conversation about their nastiest and kinkiest fantasies. It could be that the woman is not the easiest to talk to when it comes to kinky fantasies. As such, the man does not feel satisfied with his desires. 

But as a couple, if you can have an open mind when having a sexual conversation with your partner, it could be a whole new sexual experience for the both of you. If you realize your spouse has some kinky fantasy, be willing to try it. Sometimes your partner may not outright come to tell you over a meal. So, when you both see a camgirl perform a move that turns your other on, as a spouse, try not to be judgmental about their fantasies.

Safe alternative to please desires without being unfaithful 

Another reason why you shouldn’t see sex video chat and watching camgirls as cheating is because it helps many people with a physical release. It could be that your spouse is not available for sexual activities, perhaps because they are not in the mood or physical distance. However, camgirls are a safe alternative to achieve physical release without actually going out of your way to having sexual intercourse with another person. 

Some couples encourage masturbation because they know they can’t meet up with all the sexual demands of their partner. Maybe because they are short of time because of work, or they are not open-minded enough to engage with their partner’s kinkiest fantasies. Most people, who are accepting of masturbation in their relationship, feel comfortable using pornographic materials together or alone. So, if the reason your spouse is watching camgirls sex video chat is that you are not physically available or not just to achieve physical release to his kinkiest fantasies, then you shouldn’t feel betrayed because he has no emotional attachment to it.

Camgirl is acting a fantasy  

Lastly, it’s important to emphasize that camgirls are not after your spouse. Camgirls are not out to steal your spouse from you, they are not even interested in your spouse as a person, rather their interest is in what they have to offer monetarily. Camgirls are merely acting a fantasy and none of what they do have any emotional attachment. So when your spouse watches a camgirl’s sex video chat yet tells you he loves only you, he means it. That’s because he has no emotional attachment with the camgirl.


To sum things up, watching camgirls’ sex video chat is not cheating. You don’t have anything to worry about if your spouse spends his money on camgirls to satisfy his kinkiest desires. Because in reality, you should appreciate he’s keeping things virtual than actually going out to have sexual intercourse with some other woman.


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