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11 Coffee Etiquettes Every True Gentleman Should Know

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The true gentleman not only knows how to please his lady, showing the world chivalry is not dead. The same goes when drinking coffee. Men of taste discern what they want and how. If you groom yourself to become a member of society’s most revered men, you should consider these 11 coffee etiquettes every true gentleman should know.

1. Black Only, Please!

The true gentleman never dilutes his coffee with anything but only the finest coffee beans he can find.

While a little sugar does not hurt, drinking black coffee is the epitome of refined tastes and drinking elegance.

You want only the purest coffee flavors you can get with every sip. If there is a hint of sweetness in your drink, let it come from the natural flavors of the coffee beans. It can be floral, fruity, or chocolatey – characteristics you can get from some coffee varieties harvested and roasted with absolute precision.


2. No Instant or Decaf Allowed

Stripping one’s coffee of caffeine is like removing the grapes in wine. It will never taste the same, regardless of how marketers attempt to paint decaf as the best coffee you will ever drink. The real gentleman also shies away from instant coffee, no matter how exotic its flavors can be.

One can only get authentic coffee flavors from products made with real coffee beans ground and roasted to perfection.

3. Make Your Cup

You may think that James Bond always orders his Martini. While you can get your coffee from a barista, the true gentleman makes his cup of Joe. It does not matter if it is a bit inconvenient. What is crucial is he has absolute control over his drink.

Making a cup of coffee is not rocket science. One only needs knowledge of the ideal water temperature to create a specific caffeinated beverage. Bean quality, roasting level, and grind consistency are keys to perfecting a cup.

4. Perfection is Key

The modern gentleman never accepts anything less than perfect. He does not want something good enough. He demands perfection in everything, including the cup of coffee that perks up his mornings.

That is why one must learn the basics of coffee making, including the precise ratios of coffee to water and the ideal temperature for a specific drink. Perfection demands focus, and one can only achieve this if one can commit to the precise steps of making coffee.

5. Single-origin Coffee Takes Priority

Whether it is a slab of steak or a glass of wine, a gentleman only seeks highly specific flavors. You will want to savor the unique attributes of the food that can only come from the land or water where the ingredients thrived.

Drinking coffee is the same thing. Gentlemen will never want conflicting flavors in their beverages. That is why single-origin coffee takes precedence over multi-origin beans. It may be more expensive, but it is the price you pay for the best coffee drinking experience. 

6. Freshly Ground Coffee is the Best

When a gentleman makes his coffee, he uses only freshly ground coffee beans. One must always check the roasting date in coffee products, brewing the coffee as close as possible to the printed date.

However, a true gentleman always grinds his cherries. He knows that different coffee brewing methods require different coffee ground sizes. For example, making a cold brew requires extra coarse coffee grounds, while pour-over and drip coffee needs medium grounds.

7. A Shot or Two of Espresso is Enough

While black coffee is best for the true gentleman, a shot of espresso will often do. This caffeinated beverage provides a remarkable kick that no drip coffee can ever match. The pressurized steam bathing the coffee grounds leads to a more pronounced coffee flavor extraction.

Gentlemen always drink a shot of espresso, two at most. It is like drinking wine. One only consumes about five ounces and not the whole bottle.

8. Espresso in Two to Three Gulps

Part of being a true gentleman is knowing the correct way of drinking espressos. What makes espresso so unique is its crema. Drink it too slow, and you lose the crema’s rich flavor. You also lose the authentic espresso experience.

That is why Italians frown on people who drink their espressos like black coffee. You do not sip it and let it sit on the table for so long. The only way to enjoy espresso is to down it in two to three quick gulps.

9. French Press is the Best If One Does Not Have 

A true gentleman does not fret with the absence of a sophisticated super-automatic coffee machine. Instead, he savors the joys of operating simple devices that give barista-quality coffee flavors anytime, anywhere.

A French press is a gentleman’s best buddy when making coffee in the home. It is a portable device one can slip in the bag for a magical coffee on the go. If French press is not your thing, a pour-over coffee maker will do.

10. Mind Your Manners When in the Company of Friends

A true gentleman is never boisterous and uncontrollable when enjoying coffee. He believes that drinking coffee is an intimate experience with the senses, as erotic as having a partner in bed or a romantic candlelight dinner.

There is always the proper time to be unruly. However, if you are eyeing a lady at the bar, you may want to check out these cheesy coffee pick up lines. You will look witty without losing your cool. 

11. No Phones on the Table

If you are on a coffee date with someone special, never place your phone on the table. Not only are you safeguarding your device against potential theft. You are also respecting and honoring your date.

On that note, it would be best to turn off your smartphone, allowing you to focus on your lady friend. Resist the temptation to glance at your device without excusing yourself. Your coffee date is more than drinking caffeinated beverages together. It is a chance to get more intimate.


Integrating these 11 coffee etiquettes every true gentleman should know in your daily routine can help you achieve a status highly valued by society. Like James Bond enjoying a glass of Vesper Martini, you will down an espresso demitasse with the same refined manners of the Kingsman’s Galahad.

This article is written by Charles Vallena, Editor @ Cuppabean.


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