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How to Give Yourself a Boost and Start Feeling Better

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Even when you’re at the peak of your life, there’s no escaping the inevitable poor days.

There are days when we succumb to tears, experience frustration, and endure stress and a sense of being swamped. As much as we’d prefer to exist in a constant state of joy, life’s obstacles occasionally bring us down.

Knowing how to lift your spirits in the moment can be beneficial during these arduous periods. Coping tactics augment self-understanding and offer the means to handle periods of low morale. So, when you’re going through a tough day next time, think about employing one of these supportive strategies.

Practice Gratitude

Studies suggest that expressing gratitude, whether internally or externally, can enhance contentment and joy. If you’re unsure how to engage in active gratitude, consider establishing a daily routine. Choose a time that works best for you, and dedicate a moment to ponder on three things you are thankful for.

These can be anything you value. from the comfort of your home, a breathtaking sunrise, a trustworthy friend, or anything else. Aim to be fully present and authentic when expressing your thanks to someone for their kind gesture, and don’t forget to appreciate yourself when you indulge in self-care.

Embrace Your Ideas

Rather than battling or becoming consumed by negative emotions or thoughts, embrace them. You’re not required to appreciate them. Simply permit yourself to experience them. There’s no need to manipulate, alter, or react to negative thoughts.

These measures may feel uncomfortable initially. However, with repetition, they will become more manageable. Identifying the thought patterns and beliefs contributing to low self-esteem lets you alter your perspective. This will help in recognizing your worth as an individual. As your self-esteem boosts, expect a corresponding rise in your confidence and overall happiness.

Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others

The measure of your self-worth and progress should not be tied to the achievements of others. Someone will always outperform you in some areas, but it doesn’t devalue your skills or worth. Refraining from comparing yourself to others is indeed challenging. However, limiting your interaction with social media can assist in this endeavor. 

When you scroll through feeds, remember that individuals highlight only the most favorable aspects of their lives online. Your self-esteem should never hinge on the number of likes a picture receives. Engaging in Therapy for Body Image can help mitigate your exposure. Celebrate what makes you unique compared to others, but remember that you are not vying with anyone else’s progress.

Remember, Tough Times Don’t Last Forever

It’s natural to have difficult days, and that’s completely alright. There’s no requirement to shove your negative emotions away. Give yourself the permission to go through them when you’re prepared, and then try to participate in as many uplifting activities as necessary. On challenging days, remember to treat yourself with kindness. Progressing and healing require some energy, but have faith that you will encounter the solace needed to guide you through these times.

Set and Defend Your Boundaries

Being kind and supportive to others is vital to your self-love journey. However, if you live your life constantly trying to please others without the ability to refuse, it won’t help you reach your desired goals. Setting boundaries is also crucial in all aspects of your life, including personal, professional, and familial. By clearly expressing your limits and standing by them over time, you will earn the respect you are entitled to, starting with self-respect and then from everyone else.


As you journey towards enhancing your self-worth, you’re bound to encounter obstacles. There will be days when your low self-esteem appears to be overwhelming. Show yourself some patience. Progress is not instantaneous and it doesn’t always follow a straight path. Take pride in the minor victories. Even if you discover just one strategy that positively impacts your well-being, that’s an achievement worth celebrating.


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