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3 Things To Know Before You Start Vaping

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If you’re new to vaping, it makes perfect sense to learn everything you need to know about it first, to avoid any surprises. To help you get more acquainted with the world of vaping, our friends at VaperEmpire have helped us to compile three important points to familiarize yourself with before getting started.


1. Getting the right device for you

There are several different types of e-cigarettes on the market, so it’s very important to pick the one device that’s best suited to you. There are three main types of e-cigarettes, including:

Disposable One-Piece or the “Cigalike”

Also known as “minis”, these devices are very similar to regular cigarettes, making it an excellent introductory device for users who are new to vaping. They are also considered as disposables because the cigalike can be completely discarded after the user is done with it. As we mentioned, most cigalikes are designed to resemble the shape of a traditional cigarette, so they provide an easy way for smokers to transition out of smoking and start with this much safer alternative.

In addition, the cigalike’s small size is also light in weight, which makes it a discrete for vapers to get their daily nicotine fix, even in public areas. The only potential disadvantage of the cigalike is their inability to include the full flavor of an e-liquid that more advanced e-cigarettes often provide. Still, “minis” or “cigalikes” are an ideal entry point for most vapers who are just starting out.

Two and Three-Piece Rechargeable E-Cigarettes

Many vapers who continue to enjoy this hobby after their initial start often move from “minis” to two or three-piece rechargeable e-cigs. These e-cigarettes provide a much more enjoyable experience and are called multi-pieces for a reason. They come with a rechargeable battery (including a USB cable), and a cartridge that contains an atomizer (often referred to as a “cartomizer” in some user manuals). The rechargeable three-piece e-cigarette also features a drip section to use for inhalation at the end of the device.

These devices are considered to be mid-range quality options, since they offer better flavors and produce a greater vapor than the minis. On top of that, multi-piece e-cigarettes also offer a longer battery life as well.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers or Mods

Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs) are the most technologically advanced option out of all three. The vaping community often calls these devices “Mods.” Mods come in all shapes and sizes (from smallest to largest), and are also known to provide the ultimate vaping experience to users.

In fact, these Mods are highly customizable as well, featuring a number of different controls that maximize both the vaping experience and the degree at which you can personalize your vaping device. They also come with a greater battery power that enables more energy to be produced by the coils, which in turn enables the users to produce even greater volumes of vapor.

These customizable options include:

  • Different coils to achieve more control over both the device and your vaping experience
  • Adjustable wattage and voltage settings to ensure that you get the most optimal results
  • Different tank sizes that provide the best range of e-juice offers
  • An electronic display to provide you with assistance to all the available device settings
  • A number of other customizable options, which makes Mods the preferred vaping choice for users who want to tinker with their devices


2. Picking the right e-juice flavor

There are literally thousands of e-juice flavors available on the market, each of them varying in price, quality, and taste. To make things easier, however, we’ve combined all of these flavors into four distinct categories:

Tobacco-Based E-Juice Flavors

This flavor essentially means that you’re getting all the tints of the tobacco leaf, but without the nagging process of having to burn a cigarette. In addition, e-juice flavors are also mixable, which means that a flavor like tobacco strawberry is a perfectly fine choice to make.

Fruit-Based E-Juice Flavors

The basic fruits are extremely popular for many vapers. However, the majority of the most prominent e-juice manufacturers often mix several basic fruit flavors into one e-juice package. This is why it’s become increasingly hard to find a straight fruit flavor, which is not necessarily a bad thing since many vapers are known to like a good mix of several fruit flavors. An example of these fruit mixes includes apricot and cherry, peaches and pears, or even blue raspberry and menthol.

Dessert-Based E-Juice Flavors

For many former smokers, dessert-based e-liquids are the sole reason for making the switch to vaping. In fact, dessert-flavored e-juices have become the most popular category among vapers. Mostly owed to the fact that they are the most delicious flavors from the bunch. And the best thing about these dessert-based flavors? – They feature zero calories.

Food-Based E-Juice Flavors

As unusual as it may seem, food flavorings like jalapeno pepper and bacon-flavored e-juice really do exist. The only downside of these flavors is that they aren’t represented very well. However, many vapers find themselves enjoying these food-based flavours and are hoping for more developed flavors in the future.


3. Finding out the ideal nicotine strength for you

As with flavorings, e-juices also come in a variety of different nicotine strengths which can affect your vaping experience in many ways. For first time vapers, finding out the right nicotine strength can often be overwhelming and confusing all at once. Most vapers, however, will find the right nicotine strength for them in time.

There are usually two ways to go about this: the first one is for vapers to start with lower concentrations of nicotine and build their nicotine levels up from there. The second way, on the other hand, starts with a vaper choosing a higher nicotine strength and decreasing the level of nicotine in their e-juice over time.

And that pretty much wraps it up. However, if you’d like to know more about vaping and how to go about it if you’re just starting, feel free to visit VaperEmpire and they will be more than happy to help you out.



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