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6 Ways to a more Enjoyable and Productive Commute

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Whether you drive, use public transport or cycle to work, the daily commute to the office can be a real pain. Every day you have to sit in traffic, deal with delays to trains and buses, or battle with the weather. All of this can mean commuting typically brings more stress than joy.

Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case. Sure, you have to commute to work, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Here are 6 ways to make yours fun and productive, whatever your mode of transport.


For the Car

Enjoyable Commute - Driving


1. Learn on the go

Whether you drive for 20 minutes or an hour, it can seem like a wasted part of your day. So, why not change your mindset and use it as a chance to enhance your knowledge? Find a podcast (try these) or an audiobook (suggestions here), so you can make the most of this time by listening and learning on the move.


2. Pimp your ride with gadgets

We constantly use gadgets in our every day lives, so why not add them to your commute, too? From dashboard grip and mats to hold your keys and change for tolls, to portable laptop trays so you can convert your car into a functional desk space for that important pre-meeting prep.


For Public Transport

Enjoyable Commute - Public Transit, Bus, Subway


3. Learn a language

Travelling on public transport means you have the luxury of being able to spend your commute in any way you choose. So why not learn a language? Keep your brain active and boost your skills, with a language app on your phone.


4. Take a nap

Using your commute to sleep may seem counterproductive but research has shown it could benefit your brain. A short nap could improve your memory, increase alertness, reduce stress, help to keep your heart health and could prevent those mid-afternoon food cravings.


For Cyclists

Enjoyable Commute - Cycling


5. The right clothing

Wearing appropriate clothes on your cycle can make a huge difference to your commute. You might be tempted to wear your suit, but chances are you’ll arrive feeling warm with wrinkled clothes. Investing in the right cycling clothing to wear on your bike is key. Choose specially designed items that are comfortable and have sweat wicking properties, to make your ride more enjoyable.


6. Time your cycles

It’s no secret that cycling to work can have a lot of health benefits. Not only can it reduce your risk of certain diseases, but it could boost your immune system, improve your productivity and help you sleep better. To increase these effects, use an app to track your cycles, to make sure your performance keeps improving.


There you have it! 6 easy ways to make your commute more productive, enjoyable and to help you arrive feeling ready to impress.



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