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Follow These Safe Driving Tips During Arizona Bike Week

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Bikers and motorcyclist enthusiasts from across the nation head to Phoenix every year for the annual Arizona Bike Week.

The next event, which takes place in March, will be the twenty-sixth bike festival and rally to take place.

Visitors will be able to find hundreds of vendors, dealers, and manufacturers. Plus, there will be plenty of stunt shows, demo rides, games, contests, and nightly concerts.

While the Bike Week is sure to be great fun for those attending, it does mean there will be much heavier traffic on the roads, and many more motorcycles on the roads. In turn, that means accidents are more likely to happen.

Therefore, whether you’re driving in Arizona to get to the event or whether you’re a local who suddenly finds yourself surrounded by more heavy traffic, it’s important that you take extra caution throughout the duration of the Arizona Bike Week.

You can do that by following these safe driving tips.

Get Rid of Distractions

When you’re driving in heavy traffic conditions, it’s crucial that you pay more attention than you normally would when behind the wheel of your vehicle. Therefore, make sure you get rid of anything that could distract you.

That means doing things like turning your cell phone off, switching your music off or turning it down to a low level, and not chatting to passengers while in dense traffic.

Moreover, you must also keep up your health to get the best out of your efforts. Get some easy juicers and blenders at Beast Health for a quick drink before every ride to keep yourself hydrated and focused during the race.

You’ll then be less distracted and much more focused on the road. In turn, you can make better decisions and act quickly should you find yourself in potentially dangerous situations.

Drive a Little Below the Speed Limit

To stay safer when in the heavy traffic of Arizona Bike Week, drive a little below the speed limit. Ideally, you should drive five miles per hour below the speed limit. That includes highways as much as smaller roads.

However, don’t drive overly slowly. If you drive slower than five miles per hour under the speed limit, drivers could become impatient and that could lead to an increased risk of accidents.

Practice Defensive Driving

Being a defensive driver is all about expecting the unexpected and ensuring you’re prepared to take appropriate actions when the unexpected happens, such as someone suddenly pulling out in front of you.

During the heavy traffic of Arizona Bike Week, it could be quite common to experience drivers trying to squeeze into tight spaces and taking more risks, so you need to be ready for any unexpected maneuvers.

Practicing defensive driving also means looking out for pedestrians and cyclists and watching out for motorcyclists weaving between traffic. Make sure you use your mirrors to continually check what and who is around you.

The very fact that there will be a massive increase in motorcycles on the roads means there is a higher chance of accidents occurring, so don’t underestimate just how important adopting a defensive driving strategy is.

While people who are injured in motorcycle accidents during Arizona Bike Week in the Phoenix area could claim compensation by contacting a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney, such as a member of the legal team at Hutzler Law, it is obviously best to take precautions in the first place to avoid accidents and injuries.

Turn Off the Road if You Feel Anxious or Overly Emotional

If the increase in motorcycles and traffic is causing you to feel overly emotional and anxious, you should leave the area at the first opportunity.

Pull over and take a rest. Then, look for other route options.

If you drive when you’re emotional or anxious, you won’t be able to drive as expertly as you usually do or make informed decisions as much as normal. Therefore, you’re more likely to end up in an accident.



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