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How Can You Make the Most Out of Your Coffee Experience

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There’s a good reason why coffee is one of the most loved beverages in the whole world. Aside from its delicious taste, coffee also has plenty of benefits for your physical and mental health.

It all lies in how you can make the most out of your coffee to gain its full benefits. If you’re having a hard time doing so, then fret not because we are here to help you out. That said, grab your cup of joe and continue to read on.

Get Energized With Coffee and Power Nap

There will be times where you will feel slacking and out of energy even if you have slept for hours. With the help of coffee and a power nap, rest assured that your energy levels will skyrocket in just a few minutes or hours.

Numerous studies show that drinking coffee before taking a power nap helps give your body that much-needed boost. Although you can do this at any time of day, it is highly recommended to perform this between 1 pm to 3 pm. 


Make sure to set an alarm so you won’t oversleep. Coffee takes time to work. That’s why it needs to be paired with a power nap for the ultimate energy boost. Here are some extra tips about this unbeatable duo.

  • Do not take a nap IMMEDIATELY after drinking coffee. It’s highly recommended to wait about 15 to 20 minutes before doing so.
  • Limit your coffee naps for a maximum of 30 minutes only. Going beyond this time frame may result in disorientation and drowsiness. 
  • Caffeine intake matters during this process. Research suggests that 200mg of caffeine should be enough, which is equal to two cups of coffee.

Coffee Is an Athlete’s Best Friend

If you are a person who is very physically active in sports and workouts, then having coffee as your companion is a must. Coffee is said to be a performance-boosting drug that helps you get better at sports or any physical activity. 

What’s best is that you won’t feel dehydrated if you drink lots of coffee before exercising. So no matter how hard you have pumped irons the entire day, rest assured that your hydration levels are still at their peak.

Coffee Quality Matters

With a plethora of coffee available around, it can be a daunting experience which one to opt for. That’s why you should only buy coffee from a known and reputable brand.

Whether you want to brew coffee by yourself or buy instant one packed in custom coffee bags, whichever the case is, these options are pretty good because they don’t compromise the taste and make the whole coffee experience better and more convenient.

High-quality coffee gives you the energy you need and its myriads of health benefits. Avoid buying coffee from shady sources. Bad coffee products will do more harm than good, and will probably give you an upset stomach if you drink too much from it.

Night Coffee Is a Big No-No

Drinking coffee at night or even during the late afternoon will lead to insomnia and may disrupt your sleeping patterns. Unless you are a night worker with a graveyard shift schedule, then this should be fine.

If not, then only drink coffee early morning or afternoon. Just make sure that it is not five or six hours before bedtime. Having too much caffeine before heading to bed is a recipe for disaster. You will be surprised that you have been awake all night because of coffee alone.

Experiment With Coffee Styles


If you have been clinging on coffee black or 3-in-1 instant coffee mixes, then you are probably living in a cave. There are a plethora of coffee mixes and flavors that you will definitely love, just like this must try blended coffee beans.

A quick Google search will take you to hundreds, or not thousands of ways to prepare a coffee mix. So go on and try them as long as you have the proper ingredients. You can also go to your nearest coffee shop if self-preparing isn’t your cup of tea.

Going to the nearest coffee shop is a good exercise plus you can even add some Personalized Coffee Tumblers to your collection, one which is perfect for your mood!

Here’s a list of some of the most common coffee styles.

  • Caffe Mocha – Caffe latte with whip cream on top paired with chocolate syrup. Often mixed with steamed milk and choco sauce on the bottom. 
  • Affogato – Vanilla ice cream poured with a coffee espresso on top. The espresso is made to be creamy so it has a thick texture that will go well with the ice cream.
  • Caffe Latte – Also called “milk coffee”, is a coffee style is basically an espresso mixed with steamed milk. Other variants of this one include flavored syrup. 
  • Cold Brew – As the name suggests, are grounded coffee beans being brewed to perfection in cold water. 
  • Frappe coffee – A coffee style that is most common in coffee shops. Usually mixed with different ingredients that give a wide variety of flavors including matcha, strawberry, mocha, chocolate, and more.

Measuring Your Coffee the Right Way


If you love brewing coffee grounds on your own, then its measurement is just as important as its quality.

According to the coffee experts, there’s a common misconception that one should measure coffee by volume. The truth is, measuring coffee by its weight is a much preferable option.

What you can do is to weigh the amount of coffee and water by using a digital scale. We highly recommend measurement of 1:20 ratio, which means 1 part of coffee and 20 parts water. However, you can also go beyond these numbers depending on your preferred coffee taste.

Play around with its ratios until you hit the sweet spot of flavor that you prefer. For improved taste, you can also add creamer or milk to it. This brings back to our previous section above about experimenting with coffee mixes.



Coffee is no doubt one of the most versatile drinks to exist. And we hope this article is a big help to improve your coffee experience even more.

With its various benefits for your health as well as different ways and mixes to prepare, what more can you ask? If you’re a person who isn’t that much into coffee, we are pretty sure this article convinced you to try one now.


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